Designing the Perfect Solution

We are integration experts, helping you bring your team together to design and implement the optimal integration framework. We treat every integration project with the respect and attention to detail needed so nothing is overlooked and you receive exactly what you need.

Not only will you get more streamlined processes, you will have a more accurate and holistic view of your business — complete with early warning systems, higher productivity, and minimal redundancies. Now you're in the best position to make wiser decisions with the flexibility to scale your business at will, up or down.

Ways We Help

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Application Integration

When systems work together, your business works better. That's why one of the most productive investments a company can make is to create a consistent data interchange across all business operations. Through application integrations, we’ll help you move data across functional teams, applications, and data warehouses giving your team access to the data they need!

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The data is there... use it! Many companies don’t fully utilize the data available to them. We’ll take a holistic look at your environment and design it in a way to empower your team with insights they can can take action on! Why not take advantage of the data you have?

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Custom Software Development

Whether it is enterprise platforms, custom product development, modernizing legacy applications, or extending functionality to off-the-shelf software, E7 has the experience to get it done. We develop in every major language, utilize agile project management methodologies, and bring our DevOps perspective to every engagement.

Our Apps

Our focus on helping you achieve your digital transformation goals doesn't just stop at our services above. We've also developed our own Apps to help businesses everywhere improve their Atlassian tools. See if they could help your own business or contact us for your own unqiue App development.

Tables for Jira

JIRA is an amazing tool for tracking business processes or software development. However, it doesn’t support storing data in a tabular format. E7 has addressed this by developing Tables for JIRA. This JIRA App allows for the easy configuration and addition of an unlimited number of data tables to tickets within any JIRA project. The table structure is easily configured, edited and searchable, increasing the clarity and functionality of issues.

Key Features
  • Simple and customizable table set-up
  • Searchable data within tables
  • Data type validation
  • Tables are cloned when an issue is cloned

Really Simple Escalation

Really Simple Escalation was created to help with the management of tasks within JIRA. Life happens, emergencies need to be addressed, fires put out. With Really Simple Escalation, any JIRA task can be assigned an escalation path. Really Simple Escalation provides powerful customizations that run in the background and monitor the age of your tasks and trigger automatic transitions at the points selected. No more forgotten or neglected tasks!

Key Features
  • Customizable escalation path
  • Create searches to monitor tasks
  • Define rules for the escalation path
  • Manage multiple triggers per task