Atlassian User Group - April Recap


Joel Mollon, E7 Atlassian Practice Director, joined a group of Atlassian enthusiasts for the Southeast Michigan Atlassian user group meet-up on April 25.

Organized by active users in the area, the meet-up explores topics of interest to Atlassian users. At the April 25th meet-up, Joel and Daniel Eads from ITHAKA, presented the full Atlassian stack, what the products do, and how they connect. The presentation was followed by an active discussion about Confluence, which led everyone to agree on the primary topic for the next meet-up.

At the May Atlassian User Group meet-up, leaders will take a deep dive into Confluence and attendees can ask questions and engage in discussions that will help them make decisions and improve their use of Atlassian products.

For information on the next meet-up, visit the user group website

No matter which Atlassian product you use, your role, company, or industry, all are welcome to the monthly meet-ups.


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