Halp: Atlassian's Newest Sidekick To Better Working


The modern world that exists today consists of personal life, society and business relying on technology to build and maintain relationships. Collaboration and communication have proven time and time again its significance in strengthening teams in the workplace, and as a result, setting high productivity and effectiveness levels. Due to the truth and proof behind these statements, there are tools and materials ready at hand for people to use in both their personal and business lives to regulate strong communicative relationships.

Communication plays one of the most major roles in work effectiveness, and companies that support this thinking make it a priority. Specifically, Atlassian focuses a strong attention on unleashing the full potential of teams. Therefore, the ever-growing channel of resources Atlassian offers has now added Halp to further reinforce this focus. This program, a modern ticketing help desk for humans that love Slack, is a way to encourage positive team organization, improvement and strategy. Slack is a messaging program that is commonly used amongst strongly built teams in the workplace, and it is an easy-to-use tool for those just beginning to apply it to their teams. Halp is how messaging meets help desk ticketing, where team members can send out a message containing text or emoji that can be translated into a service ticket. With this service, users are now able to track something that started as an issue and ends as a solution all through the screening of one program rather than navigating from Slack to a outside source.

Halp was originally founded with a focus to help IT teams specifically as ticketing and help desk services were on the rise. Though Halp was launched only a year ago, its collaboration with Atlassian will now help millions of teams around the world and in all sorts of industries. Businesses both small and large could take advantage of this new opportunity, as Halp introduced its ties with Jira Service Desk. Halp soon began to realize that its use was proving effective and helpful in more teams than IT, such as DevOps, Security, Finance, SalesOps and Legal groups.

On the surface, this recent collaboration between Halp and Atlassian may appear as just one simple step towards expanding each organization’s reach for the sake of brand recognition, but this move also furthers accomplishments of their missions and goals as their visions align with one another. The core values each of these companies carry through its products, services, and customer relationship strategies are at full potential so teams who use this collaborative tool can reach theirs.

What ultimately ties the knot on this alliance between Atlassian and Halp is how connected their goals and missions are with ours here at E7 Solutions. We believe that continuous improvement and focus are two significant aspects of what we do, and this collaboration represents those at a high level.

E7 is both thrilled and inspired by Atlassian’s decision to acquire HALP. With Atlassian’s success of helping teams thus far with the tools and services it provides, we are excited to see how Halp can be incorporated into the advancements of team communication through internal ticketing in Slack. Moreover, we take pride in serving the Atlassian community as a Platinum Solutions Partner and in helping teams achieve their potential.

Already know how wonderful Atlassian tools are and are interested in learning more about how to further implement those tools into your company’s everyday work structure? Contact E7 Solutions! We are a Platinum Solutions Partner, and we were recently recognized by Atlassian as Partner of the Year 2019 for our strategic consulting, implementation, training and license management services. We’d love to hear from you and help you do more with Atlassian – click below to see how.

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