Solving a silent failure with JSD and email submissions 


It's not uncommon for E7 clients to require the ability for users to submit support requests through email. E7 configures JIRA Service Desk (JSD) to accept these requests and populates the JSD ticket with the relevant information. A reasonable request. Until it doesn't work.

What went wrong:

Everything seemed to be working as planned with this JSD implementation. Email support requests were received as expected, but weren't being processed by JSD. Making matters more confusing, there was no error message issued. The E7 team went into investigation mode.

The facts: 

  • A JSD portal was established for users to submit requests and capture all relevant info on the support request
  • JSD was also configured to allow tickets to be created via email
  • JSD required an “issue type” be submitted (i.e. HR, Network, Email…)
  • A drop-down menu was created in the JSD portal to help users select their "issue type"

The realization:

  • JSD requires a custom field to create “issue type,” regardless if created via the portal or email
  • The built-in email processor doesn’t have the ability to set custom field values
  • The system was not receiving expected data with email submissions so it silently failed

 The fix:

  • For email submissions, the required custom field is set to a default value called “email”
  • Agents manually set the custom field to the correct value based on the actual “issue type” after receiving and reviewing the email request

The result:

JSD tickets are successfully created via email submission, maintaining a process that users desire. The client went live with JIRA Service Desk on-time and with all functionality intact.

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