Make Your Move To Cloud As security, data modernization, and cost become a larger concern for data centers & servers, more companies are realizing the advantages of moving to the Cloud. Problem is, there is a lot that could go wrong and it’s not a simple task.

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Put your worries to rest and simplify your cloud migration with E7’s proprietary cloud migration process. Regardless of how complicated a migration may be, our proven six-step process guarantees success. Fill out the form now to get started.


What You Can Expect
  1. We start with a consultation to understand your environment and your needs.
  2. Then we meet with you and your team to complete a migration complexity assessment
  3. We then analyze your environment and chart your journey to the cloud, with careful consideration for potential roadblocks, to deliver a complete roadmap and ensure a smooth migration
  4. Lastly, we implement the plan we established

There is no obligation to work with us and our initial meeting is totally free. Trust the experts and team with Atlassian’s Cloud Partner of the Year for the second year in a row!


Here are a few ways your company could benefit from the Cloud:

  • Reduced costs: Save money on physical hardware, maintenance, installation and support, and other hidden administration costs.
  • No need to upgrade or downtime: Get immediate access to the latest and greatest features, no work required.
  • Work on the go: Atlassian's cloud products enable your teams to take your work anywhere and can be accessed securely from any browser or our mobile apps.
  • Security: We help keep your organization secure and compliant, with real-time security updates and rigorous practices to track and protect your information.
  • Change management: For products with Premium or Enterprise plans, Cloud offers safe environments to test changes with sandboxes and the ability to delay changes with release tracks.
  • Scale with confidence: Respond immediately to dynamic spikes in demand and team growth.

Atlassian Professional Services are all that we do, so you can rest assured that your project will be delivered on time and within budget, thoroughly and professionally, with the utmost attention to detail. Fill out the form to schedule our initial consultation to complete your migration complexity assessment.