E7 Solutions

Evolving Ideas into Effective Results

Software Development

Delivering solutions to help your business succeed.

Utilizing Agile methodologies, we develop and deliver quality software with flexibility and speed. Close collaboration with our clients leads to a clear understanding of requirements, enabling efficient design and superb quality.

Enterprise Applications

We think Martin Fowler said it best — “Enterprise applications are about the display, manipulation, and storage of large amounts of often complex data and the support or automation of business processes with that data.” That encompasses what we do well.

Web Development

Looking for a new site? Want something completely custom? Perhaps a customized WordPress implementation? We can help. By combining our talented developers and design teams, you’ll have an extraordinary new website ready for desktops and mobile devices in no time.

Data Management

We provide strong data management so you use information effectively.

Our data management team has decades of experience in the development and execution of practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information. We’ve built and managed small-scale inventory management applications, large-scale enhanced diagnostic protocol data systems, and everything in-between.

Data Quality

Looking to ensure the validity, accuracy, completeness, consistency, and uniformity of your data? That’s what we do. The value of data is directly proportional to its quality. Let us help you get the value out of your data.

Database Management

Looking for support for an existing Database Management System or need to establish a new one? Our database management team has extensive experience with database design, modeling, and administration of most Relational Database Management Systems.


Data needs to be processed, stored, and utilized. Creating a proper framework to do this is essential. We’ll work with you to understand what constraints or influences (e.g. technology, business policies, etc.) may exist so we can create the best environment to persist and process your data.


So now that you have the data, it’s time to find meaningful patterns. Not only will we use descriptive and predictive models to gain knowledge about the data — with a proper understanding of business objectives, we can also make recommendations to aid decision making.

JIRA Expertise

Our professional services will help you maximize your investment in JIRA.

JIRA, an Atlassian product, is the project tracker for teams planning, building, and launching great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At their desks, or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps teams get the job done. Read here for more information.

Implementation Consulting

Like many “off the shelf” products, JIRA can be implemented very simply, but its true power is revealed when it is tailored to your environment. We work with you to determine and implement your needs regarding interface, workflow, and all of the other customizable features provided by JIRA. In the end, you’ll have a customized solution that works for you.


JIRA is a great application and is very flexible, but it can’t do everything. (At least, not without a little help.) Custom JIRA add-ons provide additional functionality when it’s not available “out of the box”. We can help take your investment even further with customized JIRA add-ons. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and develop a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.

Design For Experience

Imaginative design services that also take into consideration the practical needs of your business.

Visual presentation of your products, whether to customers, potential customers or your employees, is vitally important to your business. E7 offers creative, yet sensible, design solutions for user interfaces, branding, marketing materials and any other aspect of your business where you need to put your best foot forward.

Project Management

Your project is too important to fail. You can trust E7 to work with you to make your project a success.

Our consultants have decades of experience managing projects ranging up to $500 million. We bring that experience to bear on each project, customizing our approach to best fit your environment and the project. We have a passion for leading teams to successful delivery.