E7 Solutions

Evolving Ideas into Effective Results

Application Modernization

Organizations of all sizes are refreshing their existing application portfolio with proven modernization services provided by E7 Solutions. By leveraging advancements in technology, our clients can strategically and securely evolve their applications into competitive advantages.

  • Migrate to fresh, sustainable solutions
  • Leverage innovations in the cloud
  • Extend the life of existing applications with new functionality


Data and Analytics

Data management can present challenges and we are here to help. At E7, we develop architectures, policies, and procedures in order to effectively manage the information lifecycle needs of each client.

  • Establish scalable, highly-performing data services
  • Clean, persist, transform, and archive data
  • Discover hidden opportunities in the data

Data Quality

Looking to ensure the validity, accuracy, completeness, consistency, and uniformity of your data? That’s what we do. The value of data is directly proportional to its quality. Let us help you get the value out of your data.

Database Management

Looking for support for an existing Database Management System or need to establish a new one? Our database management team has extensive experience with database design, modeling, and administration of most Relational Database Management Systems.


Data needs to be processed, stored, and utilized. Creating a proper framework to do this is essential. We’ll work with you to understand what constraints or influences (e.g. technology, business policies, etc.) may exist so we can create the best environment to persist and process your data.


So now that you have the data, it’s time to find meaningful patterns. Not only will we use descriptive and predictive models to gain knowledge about the data — with a proper understanding of business objectives, we can also make recommendations to aid decision making.

Workflow Optimization

Businesses of any industry can gain competitive and operational advantages by optimizing business and technology workflows. Introduction of best practices, appropriate technologies, and automation means greater agility, fewer mistakes, and less duplication of effort.

  • Analyze and document existing processes
  • Find efficiencies and optimizations
  • Transition from current to new workflow

Mobility Solutions

Mobility is the future! Our culture has unleashed the demand for information anytime, anywhere. No matter your business size or industry, mobility can be the key to securely reducing operating expenses, enriching information flow, and improving productivity and safety.

  • Create your mobile strategy
  • Develop mobile and web applications
  • Design and deploy mobile solutions

Professional Services

Seeking advisory and management services relating to technology? E7 is there to help. Let our experts come in to help.

  • Program Management
  • Technology Consulting
  • Agile Coaching & Mentoring
  • Application Hosting & Management