We work collaboratively to clearly define problem(s), outline processes, clarify resources, and understand constraints. This creates the basis for a scope of work, complete with priorities.

We've helped hundreds of clients who needed an unbiased perspective, which when coupled with our Atlassian consulting expertise, helps to organize the chaos, uncover hidden resources, and create a clear road map to get big wins fast.

We Can Help You

Choose From These Lift Off Packages

E7's Lift Off Packages Are Designed to Quickly Eliminate Challenges and Improve Team and Tool Effectiveness
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1-month engagement

Our consultative approach to your Atlassian tools, apps, and processes. Includes assessments, actionable recommendations, and implementation. Ideal for:

  • Small teams
  • 1 - 5 projects
  • 1 - 2 Atlassian products
  • Relatively simple processes
  • Few team interdependencies
  • No external integrations
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1-2 month engagement

We provide everything from our Basic QuickResults package plus training and support. Ideal for:

  • Small to mid-sized teams
  • 5 - 15 projects
  • 1 - 5 Atlassian products
  • Custom business processes
  • Team interdependencies
  • Few external integrations
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2-3 month engagement

We provide everything from our Standard QuickResults package on a larger scale. Ideal for:

  • Large or Enterprise teams
  • 16 or more projects
  • 1 - 5 Atlassian products
  • Custom, complex business processes
  • A lot of team interdependencies
  • External integrations

What's Included

Features Overview

Process & Tools Assessment

Detailed survey and review of your Atlassian Products and Apps and how they are being used.

License Management Assessment

Actionable recommendations and opportunities to make license management for your Atlassian product more cost-effective and efficient.

Observations & Recommendations

Based upon the assessment, actionable recommendations for your Atlassian products, Marketplace Apps, and processes.

Requirements Definition

Working together with key stakeholders, we help define and prioritize your high-level requirements.


Together we build a plan and begin making changes to support the assessments, recommendations, and requirement definition.

Project Management

We'll provide a single point of contact to keep everything on track with complete transparency. From Project Briefs to dashboards and reports, it's important we stay on the same page.

Project Wrapup

As a capstone event, we will transition all of the documentation, ensure a successful handoff, and establish the next steps as necessary.


To assist with handoff, we provide demo based training of implemented requirements.


Provide access to our Service Desk and on-call support after we "go live." For Standard, includes up to 2 weeks. For Enhanced, includes up to 4 weeks.

Integration Assessment

Sometimes improving tools requires integrating outside the Atlassian suite of products. Here we begin to focus on data that needs to be shared across platforms and develop recommendations.