The E7 Philosophy


Do more than hear what was said. Listen and understand.


Create something greater than the sum of its parts. Harness a variety of perspectives.


Adapt to change by learning from the past, experimenting with the present, and imagining the future.

Guiding our clients through the ever changing technology landscape so they can achieve their mission is our 'why'.

Digital transformation is typically a large component of client success and for many organizations, making that happen on their own can be challenging. E7 understands that it takes more than aligning the organization, processes, and technologies for a successful transformation to happen. That’s why we ensure every engagement is accompanied by the right blend of recommendations, education, and transparency.

We believe if our clients know 'why', it will create a deeper level of connection and a higher rate of long-term success.

Edmond Delude, CEO

Core Focus

To enhance the velocity of information for our clients so they can deliver their best and most meaningful work.

Velocity is a combination of both direction and speed. It is critical that information flowing through your organization is moving in the right direction and as quickly as possible. When that happens, teams are free to work on what is most important, produce the greatest value, and have the most meaningful impact to the organization. That is what lights us up.

E7 Solutions Process

Core Values

Utilize the Spark

It all starts within. It's an entrepreneurial attitude with a resourceful approach. We use our creativity and proactively seek ways to grow. Our mindset embraces innovation, questions the status quo, and seeks continuous improvement.

Driven With Purpose

We embody the roll up our sleeves attitude and have the passion, dedication, and talent to achieve our Mission. Be driven and share the energy.

Lift All Higher

To conquer every mountain, we go as a team. We see this as an intersection of E7, our clients, and strategic partners. It is through our collective energy, openness to ideas, and our commitment to one another that allows us to reach new heights and achieve greater success.

100% Authentic

We are what we say we are and ensure we have alignment of our words and behaviors. Be honest, be clear, and be true to ourselves and one another.


We explore, play, and take risks without being reckless. Have fun, be curious, and be adventurous. Keep an open mind, a positive attitude, and warmly embrace the journey.

At E7 Solutions, we want to enhance the way you do business for a better future.