Cloud Migration Packages Atlassian and the Marketplace Partners will no longer offer technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities starting February 15, 2024.

E7 is here to help. Our Cloud Migration Packages have been built to move quickly and get you to the Cloud with all the guesswork removed. Packages have been sized to fit clients of all sizes.



1 Jira or 1 Confluence Instance

1 - 100 users

2 Marketplace Apps




1 Jira or 1 Confluence Instance

101 - 1000 Users

3 Marketplace Apps




1 Jira or 1 Confluence Instance

1000+ Users 

4+ Marketplace Apps


*E7’s Insight Package required for accurate pricing.

What’s Included

Each Cloud Migration Package includes:


  • Product Activation/Configuration: E7 will activate the licenses in the Atlassian Cloud Products and configure appropriately.
  • Marketplace App Installation / Configuration: E7 will install required Apps associated with the engagement.
  • User Management: E7 will cleanup users, groups, and permissions
  • Server-side Data Cleanse: E7 will identify projects and tickets for migration.
  • Test Migration(s): E7 will run test migration(s) to ensure everything runs smoothly and address issues that may arise.


  • Production Migration: E7 will run production migration(s) to get data and configurations needed from Server to Cloud.
  • Production Verification: E7 will conduct an audit to confirm the migration has completed.
  • Basic Training: E7 will provide an overview of the changes users can expect to see on the other side of the migration.
  • Post Migration Support: E7 will be there to support your team after the successful go-live event should any issues arise.

Throughout the Engagement

  • Project Management: E7 will run Production migration(s) to get data and configurations needed from Server to Cloud.
  • Client Advocacy: E7 will work closely with Atlassian and/or Marketplace vendors on your behalf to solve even the most complex problems.
  • Strategic Guidance: E7 will provide advanced Atlassian product knowledge and expertise for customized solutions to unlock new opportunities within your organization.

Learn more about Atlassian's Server EOL Plan.


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“The E7 implementation team worked extensively to do an exhaustive “precheck” of our system to ensure our migration would be successful, as well as several test migrations to confirm any necessary configuration changes. And after so much hard work, the actual migration was seamless! One day we were using our “hosted” Jira instance, and two days later we were using the cloud instance.” -Rob Rich, Solutions Architect, Rockwell Automation