Simplify and Align the Buying Process with Your Business Atlassian License Management

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, E7 Solutions is here to make the process of purchasing and renewing Atlassian software licenses straightforward. Though the process can be complicated, our goal is to simplify this for you. Our team offers personalized guidance to ensure you have the right Atlassian and Marketplace licenses that fit your needs. We also offer flexible payment plans that distribute the cost of technology investments over time.

Our License Specialists go beyond mere transactions to offer strategic guidance for license management, cost optimization, and co-terming. We’ll take care of your Atlassian and Marketplace licensing needs, so you can concentrate on delivering great work.

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Atlassian License Services

We chose E7 because of the 'realness' of the people. Everyone we spoke with during the sales process, both technical and sales, was simply themselves. Its continuing on the project and we couldn't be happier to know we are working with an honest partner that has our best interest in mind. This is a start to a great partnership.

Director, IT Services

Benefits Include

Streamlined License Management

From initial purchase to renewal, our comprehensive order process management and license assessments offer actionable insights to optimize cost and efficiency for your Atlassian products.

Financial Efficiency

Through expert cost optimization strategies and co-termed payments, we streamline your financial commitments, ensuring you receive the best possible pricing and simplified payment schedules.

Personalized Advocacy and Support

our dedicated Account Manager and License Specialist work tirelessly on your behalf, negotiating with Atlassian and App vendors to maximize the value from your subscriptions, complemented by our convenient invoicing with NET terms.

Enhanced Oversight and Value

Quarterly utilization reports provide critical insights into your product and user engagement, while exclusive discounts on E7’s Managed Services ensure your Atlassian ecosystem remains perfectly aligned with your strategic goals, supported by a team committed to enhancing your operational success.

What’s Included

Depending upon your business goals and objectives, we offer a few options for our license management program.


Only the absolute essentials. We’ll help your organization acquire, manage, and optimize your investment in Atlassian software and Marketplace Apps.


Going beyond the transactional, this strategic approach provides everything from our Basic License Management program and then some.

Features Overview

Order Process Management

Whether it's the first purchase or time for renewal, we'll set you up for success and guide you through the process.

License Assessments

Actionable recommendations and opportunities to make license management for your Atlassian products more cost-effective and efficient.

Cost Optimization

We know what dials to turn and how to negotiate on your behalf for the best price possible.

Co-termed Payment

Let's simplify the payment process and make sure all the subscriptions have the same start and expiration date.


We'll work with Atlassian and App vendors directly on your behalf to ensure you get the most out of your Atlassian products and services.

License Purchasing

When it comes time to pay for your monthly or annual subscriptions, we'll take care of it and send you an invoice.

Invoicing with NET terms

We'll put some space between the time you buy and the time you pay with our payment terms.

Software Financing

Our software programs offer financial models that spread technology investment costs over time, ensuring access to the latest and continuously updated technology set without requiring upfront capital budgeting.

Account Team

Your Account Manager and dedicated License Specialist will go above and beyond to cater to your organization's distinct requirements. Leveraging deep expertise and industry experience, their committed to enriching your experience and elevating your vision.

Utilization Reports and Recommendations

We'll review and provide our quarterly utilization reports and recommendations associated with your products and users.

Greater Discounts on Services

Enrollment in our Enhanced program grants exclusive access to E7 Services that provide savings as a key benefit. Participants can leverage these discounts to optimize and enhance their Atlassian products.

Elevate Your Atlassian Experience with Us

Our comprehensive License Management programs help unlock the full potential of your Atlassian ecosystem. Contact us today to learn how our dedicated team can simplify your license management, ensuring you're always equipped with the right tools and services to achieve your goals. Let's partner together to drive success and innovation within your organization.


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