Jira Software 8.0


Working together in Jira just got a whole lot faster

We’re so excited to share that Jira Software 8.0 is now available! Jira Software Server & Data Center 8.0 is the next chapter of Jira for enterprise teams, harnessing a speedy new engine built for scale. With this release, Jira users will be able to communicate updates and priorities more clearly, while system administrators will find it easier and less time-consuming to support the performance needs of growing teams. Here are some of the release highlights:

  • Agile boards load up to 2x faster, and the largest boards (10,000+ issues) load up to 21x faster
  • Jira Query Language (JQL) searches are 31% faster on average
  • Email notifications are less chatty with batched updates
  • New priority status icons are clearer
  • Re-index duration is up to 71% shorter
  • Index size has decreased by up to 48%

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