During our webinar, we will:

  • Cover overall security practices Atlassian has with a SaaS platform

  • Discuss the specifics around Atlassian Access and its place within the ecosystem

    • Some of the most used and talked about features

    • What are some "underrated features"

  • Explain things on-prem users should consider when looking at Cloud

  • Show security features on the Atlassian Roadmap

About This Webinar

In this webinar, we will help you navigate the geography of Atlassian Cloud Security landscape. We'll discuss Atlassian Cloud's security controls certifications, privacy and reliability principles, and how tools like Atlassian Access can help you maintain security best practices across your organization.

For the past several years, E7 has assisted many customers with Cloud Migrations. Through our experience we know how critical it is to keep your organization’s data and information stored and secured, and so does Atlassian.

Our goal by the end of this webinar is for you to have a better understanding of Atlassian Cloud's security landscape and how to evaluate your security needs in preparation for a migration to the cloud.

Featured Presenters

Ijeoma headshot

Ijeoma Ekeh

Solutions Engineer

Ijeoma is a Solutions Engineer who has been with Atlassian since 2017. Her day to day consists of enabling partners and customers with Atlassian products, and providing technical expertise in the pre-sales space, with a focus on Cloud migration scenarios. She has led migration discussions with companies in a variety of industries, use cases, localities and sizes. Her favorite Atlassian value is Don't F#$! the Customer, and she does her best to embody that in her work.

When she's not working, Ijeoma can be found in the presence of as many dogs as possible (usually two), or attempting to replicate food from the BeforeTimes (TM) in her home kitchen.

E7 Solutions
michael headshot

Michael Abdelnour

Client Solutions Director

Michael is the Director of Client Solutions at E7 Solutions. Starting his journey with E7 as a DevOps Practice Director back in November 2016, Michael has always found value in recognizing E7 as a service-based firm.

After gaining experience in the technological field through maintaining and updating building technology as well as setting up web and database servers, he has since developed an expertise in working closely with clientele by finding a solution for their technical needs, based on active listening and customizing and building solution plans according to the organization.

As a Director, his focus is to expand portfolios by widening the type of industries E7 works with. When he is out of the office, Michael enjoys golf, music, and spending time with his kids. In fact, he coaches his daughters’ soccer team.