Migrate and Leverage Atlassian’s Cloud for Business Platform Migration Services

The journey to the Atlassian Cloud is just the beginning, and having a trusted guide is crucial. At E7 Solutions, we provide thorough, accurate, and reliable migration plans along with the expert services necessary for a seamless transition. Our team is here to handle the complexities associated with the transition to Atlassian Cloud so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Migration to Atlassian’s Cloud platform comes in variety of shapes and sizes and sources as do the reasons for getting there. Could be issues associated with cost, complexity, or a misalignment of product roadmaps. Whether coming from Atlassian’s Datacenter or another platform like Cherwell Service Management, our Platform Migration services are designed to quickly and effectively get you there so you we can begin to improve service delivery, enhance efficiency, and ensure a high level of responsiveness to internal and external demands.

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Platform Migrations

E7 Solutions did a great job helping us ease our concerns with moving back to cloud. They were willing to do anything they could to ease our minds. Our team was really happy with the answers we got.

Director of IT

Cloud offers more integrated features and functionality. In our old environment, we had a large number of licensed applications, and with cloud, we are able to use its native functionality to streamline and consolidate some of our applications, which offers a better experience for the administrators and the users.

System Administrator

What went well with this engagement was E7’s responsiveness and collaboration, speed resolving any issues that came up prior to launch, and migrating on a weekday versus a weekend was great for our team!

Client Project Manager

Primary Benefits

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Our expertise helps you avoid costly errors that often occur during complex migrations. Our detailed planning and thorough execution ensure a smooth transition without unexpected setbacks.

Work with a Known, Fixed-budget

Transparent pricing and a fixed budget for your migration project allows you to manage costs effectively and avoid surprise expenses, ensuring financial predictability and peace of mind.

Move Quickly and Reliably

Our efficient migration process is designed to minimize downtime and disruptions, enabling the teams to move quickly and reliably to your new platform.

Establish a Solid Foundation

The real benefits will begin post-migration but only if a solid foundation has been established. We prioritize the security and integrity of your data, ensuring all information is accurately migrated, workflows have been properly configured, and teams are enabled for the next steps.

How it Works

Our experts will work with your team to ensure alignment so you can focus on delivering your best and most meaningful work. The process typically looks like this:


Strategic Planning and Environment Preparation

E7 collaborates with your teams to understand your goals, challenges, and develop a strategic plan outlining the steps to achieve desired outcomes. We also prepare the environment, setting up the Atlassian Cloud instance and necessary Marketplace Apps, ensuring everything is ready for a seamless implementation.

Customization and Strategy Execution

Through an in-depth assessment, E7 identifies gaps and opportunities, delivering a detailed strategy with actionable recommendations, scorecards, roadmaps, and timelines. This phase includes customizing your new instance and service projects to align with your service delivery requirements, all while ensuring your brand identity and customer expectations are met.

Training, Support, and Continued Success

E7 provides training for your Admins on managing and maximizing investment, alongside ongoing support to ensure a successful go-live event and address any subsequent challenges. Our Client Success Managers remain dedicated to your long-term success, offering continuous support, advocacy, and education to ensure not just transactional success but a partnership aimed at achieving your overall business objectives.

Elevate Your Atlassian Experience with Us

Our Platform Migration Services offers a holistic approach to your Atlassian environment, empowering your organization to thrive in today's competitive landscape. As your partner, together we will unlock the full potential of your Atlassian investment and achieve unparalleled success. Contact us for more information.


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