Reach for the Cloud


You are ready to take flight for your company’s next advancement, but you are stuck at the terminal. You may have questions on whether the cloud is right for your company or can be more impactful on cost reduction, full storage and lack in communication amongst teammates. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution partner, we can help you reach new heights by making the cloud migration easy and transparent using our playbook strategy.

  1. Client Readiness: We start with an evaluation on your current environment, which includes technologies, processes, integrations, and resources. With that assessment, we will assess a plan for cloud readiness or migration.
  2. Design, Build, Test: This plan is tested and validated in non-production environments to avoid disruption of everyday processes.
  3. Execute, Verify, Train: The migration plan is executed and validated with your team. We will then train your team to ensure this transition is a smooth one.
  4. Support: We look to establish a package to support your team for the longevity of this process.

We would love to make the migration to the cloud a smooth flight for your company. If you feel you are ready for Atlassian’s Cloud Migration, click below to learn more about how E7 can help you from the beginning to the end and beyond.

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