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Migration Success with an immediate 70k ROI Transforming ServiceNow Change Management to Jira Service Management

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Migrate from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management (JSM) to eliminate unnecessary licenses and enhance change management functionality.


The client was dealing with a tight timeline and in order to mitigate the high cost of their ServiceNow licenses, they needed to migrate to JSM to reduce expenses and streamline processes.


The migration surpassed the client's expectations and outperformed the capabilities of their previous ServiceNow platform, resulting in a smooth transition and ROI of $70k in license fees alone.

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Embarking on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) migration journey should be a smooth endeavor for any organization. However, when challenges arise, seeking assistance can make all the difference in achieving success. That's precisely what a leading virtual call center services provider did when they sought help to execute a much-anticipated migration from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management (JSM).
Because 80% or more of technology downtime can be attributed to change, success in an organization is contingent on the success of change management and how well changes can be managed to avoid downtime.

By embracing this transition, the call center not only streamlined their operations but also paved the way for enhanced efficiency and productivity. This success story exemplifies the power of collaboration and proactive problem-solving, demonstrating how organizations can turn challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement.

About the Client

A virtual call center services provider with 20,000+ agents faced a dilemma, stay on ServiceNow with the high cost of licensing or migrate their change management from ServiceNow to JSM. Despite successfully migrating other components to JSM, the organization's change management component remained on ServiceNow for two years after they started the project. 

We've said again and again that we are beyond pleased on how well the migrating of our Change Management from ServiceNow to JSM turned out, just beyond pleased. I look at our new process and think this is what I've always wanted, AND everything I didn't even know I wanted!

VP of IT Operations

The Kanban board that is now in Jira Service Management exceeds everything we had in ServiceNow.

Director of IT Operations

What Was the Client's Main Migration Obstacle?

The client's main obstacle was designating the required time and personnel to complete the migration before their ServiceNow license renewal. 

Saddled with this potentially expensive, deadline-driven item on their organization's to-do list, the client realized that professional guidance to complete the migration could help to finally get it done, and their executive leadership selected a team of Atlassian experts specializing in ServiceNow to JSM migrations.

What are the Potential Consequences of Not Transitioning off ServiceNow Change Management?

Not solving this lingering problem would have resulted in unnecessary expenditures and employees working across competing platforms, introducing organizational risk and preventing the opportunity to implement a more appropriate change management component and comprehensive ServiceNow to JSM migration.

Finding a Qualified Guide for the ServiceNow to JSM Migration

Seeking qualified guidance, the client engaged a professional services firm to develop and implement a workable plan for the migration.

This decision involved evaluating multiple vendors and selecting an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. The client's criteria for choosing a vendor were:

  • An understanding of the urgency of the project.

  • Ability to meet the deadline.

  • Specialist in ServiceNow to JSM migrations.

  • Real-world insights and experience in change management. 

After the client's due diligence, they selected E7 Solutions as their guide. 

Achieving Cost Savings, Efficiency, and Service Management Transformation

By working with an Atlassian Solution Partner for their migration project, the client was able to achieve the following:

  • Realized significant cost savings, resulting in an immediate ROI of $70k in licensing alone.  

  • Resolved the issue of duplicate licenses.

  • Consolidated their change management function under one platform.

  • Transformed the workflow and technical functionality of their change management.

Acknowledging and Resolving Duplicate Licenses: The client acknowledged that they were paying for duplicate licenses for JSM and ServiceNow ticketing systems. 

A group of employees mostly used one ticketing system for one task and another for a different task, which was how they managed their change process.

Consolidating Competing Platforms: The client eliminated the overlap and consolidated the ticketing function under one platform by augmenting their system administrator skills with help from a third-party professional service provider. 

Transforming Change Management with JSM's Features: The client's change advisory board (CAB) managers needed an easier way to conduct their meetings. They worked with their Atlassian Partner to set up a Kanban board in JSM, which they found more accessible. They also received training in creating dashboards.

With support from leadership and dedicated time, the client tailored JSM to meet their change management needs, finding it better suited to their requirements than ServiceNow.

Say Goodbye to Incomplete Migrations with E7's ITSM and Service Management Engagements

With E7's ITSM and Service Management Engagements, our experts will work with your team to ensure alignment so you can focus on delivering your best and most meaningful work.

Like the virtual call center highlighted in this case study, organizations rely on numerous software products, yet nearly half of their paid-for licenses are left unused; that, according to a 2023 study, adds up to a staggering financial burden of over $500 million annually

This situation worsens because many companies perform the same work on multiple platforms, severely affecting efficient collaboration and service management workflows. 

E7 delivers streamlined and cost-conscious solutions that directly impact your financial performance. And this specific case study exemplifies the exceptional results we can achieve for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the IT change management process look like?

A: The IT change management process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Request for Change (RFC): The process begins with a formal request for a change in the IT environment, such as a software update or hardware upgrade.
  2. Assessment: The proposed change is assessed to determine its potential impact on systems, processes, and users.
  3. Approval: Once the change is assessed, it needs to be approved by relevant stakeholders before implementation.
  4. Implementation: The change is then scheduled and implemented in a controlled manner to minimize disruptions.
  5. Testing: After implementation, thorough testing is conducted to ensure that the change works as intended and does not negatively impact other systems.
  6. Review: A post-implementation review is carried out to evaluate the success of the change and identify any lessons learned for future changes.
  7. Documentation: Throughout the process, detailed documentation is maintained to track the change and provide a reference for future changes or audits.

Effective IT change management helps organizations implement changes smoothly while minimizing risks and ensuring that business operations continue without interruption.

Q: What is the importance of transforming ServiceNow Change Management to JSM?

A: Transforming ServiceNow Change Management to JSM is essential to accelerate the change management process, optimize digital capabilities, and ensure successful deployment within organizations.

Q: How does JSM accelerate the change management process?

A: JSM automates the change management lifecycle, facilitates risk assessment, and empowers different roles to effectively define, evaluate, and execute changes, thereby accelerating the process.

Q: What are the benefits of using JSM for change management?

A: JSM helps organizations increase deployment speed, reduce maintenance complexity, and deploy changes using pre-authorized templates for low-risk and essential changes.

Q: How does JSM support digital transformation initiatives?

A: By providing built-in automation tools and modern digital capabilities, JSM enables organizations to adopt best practices, increase digital adoption rates, and achieve desired business outcomes.

Q: What role does JSM play in ensuring successful change deployments?

A: JSM helps organizations follow proper change management procedures, assess the impact of changes, and facilitate the execution of changes to ensure successful deployment and minimize risk.

Q: How can organizations benefit from using JSM for change management?

A: Organizations can benefit from JSM by accelerating change deployment, discovering areas for improvement, and empowering internal teams to effectively manage change processes.

Q: How does JSM help organizations accelerate change adoption?

A: JSM provides tools to streamline change management processes, define change goals, and empower teams to accelerate change adoption and optimization of digital capabilities.

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