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Re-imagining Service Management for Global Supply Chains Industrial Automation Company leverages E7 for a 140% ROI

Industrial Automation


To enable an automated purchase order escalation process for supply chain teams around the globe.


Teams are siloed by performing inconsistent escalation procedures through various tools often resulting in poor communication, visibility, and unnecessary manual effort.


E7 Solutions developed an automated, custom workflow standardizing the supply chain escalation process by consolidating all efforts in one central tool, Jira Service Management, which is estimated to provide a three-year ROI of 140%.



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Our client, a global leader in Digital Transformation and Industrial Automation, is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation. With a focus on making its customers more productive and the world more sustainable, this client is at the forefront of driving innovation in the industry.

They were in need of increased team collaboration and visibility when responding to and managing supply chain escalations. Supply chain teams were experiencing issues with visibility into these incidents and it is crucial to ensure that these escalations are promptly communicated across all teams and even outside the supply chain. Additionally, those on the product side need to stay informed about updates on supply chain issues.

Thinking Outside the Box

To address these challenges, they approached E7 for a comprehensive solution. We worked together with stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the underlying issues and identify an ideal business process for the future. Leveraging their expertise, E7 translated these business rules and needs into a highly customized, yet manageable, workflow within Jira Service Management (JSM). This workflow enables various business teams to escalate supply issues up the global organization's hierarchy. As a result, these issues representing purchase order escalations become visible across all business teams and levels.

The solution implemented by E7 serves as a workflow that seamlessly integrates data points on purchase orders from the client’s internal database, with Assets in the Jira Service Management instance. This integration made it so that teams had all the necessary data at their fingertips within one single tool in JSM. By leveraging and customizing Jira Service Management, Assets, workflows, dashboards, and automation, E7 has empowered their client to maximize its operational efficiency.

An integral part of this solution is that virtually all data in the JSM tickets are being populated from existing systems. Even the escalation tickets themselves are being created via an API integration setup by E7 – which drastically cuts down any manual work the team would need to perform to kick off the workflow in JSM.

Custom dashboards and reporting further allow multiple audiences to quickly and easily access the information that matters most to them. This means spending less time switching between various systems and poring through emails allowing the team to spend more time for their most meaningful work.

This is the first use case known to us where JSM has been used to manage supply chain issues that have needed escalating (due to purchase orders being delayed/etc.). JSM is normally for ITSM solutions, so it was really cool to reimagine the software to fit an entirely different type of team’s needs.

Kelly Nezwek
Agile Project Manager, E7 Solutions

Setting New Standards

This collaboration between the client and E7 Solutions has revolutionized supply chain response and escalation within the organization, which in turn has accelerated vendor deliveries and production needs. By thinking outside the box and leveraging innovative technologies, the global Industrial Automation leader has successfully overcome its supply chain challenges while setting new standards for industry best practices.

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