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Saving Over 1600 Hours/Year with Jira Service Management Using E7's Advisory Services to drive adoption, transparency, and elevate service-level reporting

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Elevate the client’s end-user experience with Jira Service Management (JSM). This included refinement of the incident intake process, improving reporting capabilities, and reducing the use of email for reporting across the business.


Generic intake forms and SLAs, lack of reporting and low use of the JSM portal were all resulting in a lack of information and transparency in certain key aspects of technology support.


By engaging E7’s Advisory Services, custom intake forms, reports, dashboards, SLAs for each business were defined and then introduced with training to driving a higher rate of JSM adoption.



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E7 recently worked with an international, retail firm with an estimated revenue of US$ 1.5 billion. The objective was elevating their Jira Service Management (JSM) tool and end-user experience. Reporting, SLAs, customized end-user forms, and driving adoption of the tool to departments who still reported issues via email was certainly the most important, yet difficult to achieve, goal.

It’s long been a challenge to grow the adoption of new ITSM tools for many organizations, mostly due to legacy tools that have lacked user-friendly experiences when searching for help, as well as complicated back-end interfaces as an admin, making it that much harder to make changes for end users.

Reporting and providing stakeholders with valuable data has also been an important goal for the company. This has been difficult to achieve mainly because there hasn’t been an interface that doesn’t require manipulation of data once you have it. Data, when presented well and easily accessible, can provide powerful insight for business stakeholders to drive change.

Support agents have suffered as well, along with the customer, by not having the necessary information upon creation of a new issue. This results in wasted time in back-and-forth conversations just to ensure the agent has what is required to start working on the issue.

Increasing JSM Adoption Through Customized Solutions

To address these challenges, the organization approached E7 for expert Advisory Services in both JSM and ITIL / ITSM best practices. We worked together with stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the issues and most importantly, the end goals, to help identify a clear path forward for future success. E7 translated these requirements from both Technology and the business into a revamped JSM end-user experience, resulting in valuable data for both agents and stakeholders and a greater adoption of JSM as a whole.

The solution implemented by E7 first focused on the intake form for reporting an issue to Technology. Previously a single generic form existed providing little value to agents. This form was available to the entire organization which consisted of four core areas: Corporate, Supply Chain, Call Center, and Retail Stores.

E7 definitely took us where we wanted to go. The engagement was very positive and E7 was beyond helpful in reaching our goals. The ability to now report on each area of the business independently and how well they are being serviced by IT Support has added huge value to our team.

Sr. Infrastructure Manager, Retail Organization

This project was a perfect example of how our advisory service offering brought not only great value and expertise to their organization, but it helped fast-track some long-awaited initiatives by finally making them a reality.

Agile Project Manager, E7 Solutions

The client had really unique challenges to overcome as their ITSM was not enabling specific parts of the business and operations teams. In coordination with a small team of dedicated, internal resources, who were ready and willing to drive these changes to their cohorts - we were able to quickly identify the un-leveraged features, design and build a POC for the future state, and establish a new scalable framework for all of their ITSM Solutions across the organization. which resulted in a great combination of improving visibility, without sacrificing any of the autonomy each area demanded.

When both the needs of the client and the skills of a solution partner combine, it's really cool and fun to be a part of leading that kind of change for all.

TAM, E7 Solutions

E7 built a highly customized, dynamic intake form that captures key information out of the gate from all departments. By having these new dynamic capabilities, all departments can utilize this single form and answer only questions pertaining to their area of the organization. Not only did this give the end user a more personalized experience, and the agents all the information they require, but it also set custom SLAs behind the scenes based on the information entered by the customer.

Now based on who the customer is and what they enter on the form, custom SLAs are automatically set on the request whereas previously, certain SLAs didn’t exist or were too generic providing little value in terms of reporting.

Taking reporting a step further, E7 built numerous custom dashboards and reports for business stakeholders that legacy tools were previously unable to provide to these audiences.

In terms of gaining wider adoption of JSM, one area of the business had yet to really embrace JSM and was continuing to email support for help. Knowing how difficult it is to change old habits, E7 built a custom intake form and workflow for this department, along with reporting for its stakeholders, and within weeks, emails decreased dramatically and incoming JSM tickets increased.

Successful Collaboration with E7

This engagement with E7 and their expert Advisory Services team has taken the company's service management process and adoption to the next level. By taking advantage of customizing and automating JSM in a way that works for their specific organization, the company has successfully provided key metrics to the business, enhanced its end-user experience, and has driven the majority of its users to its ITSM tools. All of the work put in by the company and E7 has resulted in a more efficient and timely support experience for the entire organization.

After this Advisory Services engagement and the adoption of JSM, 6700 fewer tickets were created by IT and instead, created by end-users. Assuming each ticket takes approximately 15 minutes to create, this equates to approximately 1600 hours in savings for IT each year!

E7 Solutions' Advisory Services provide the expertise and guidance you need to unlock the power of Atlassian. With three different solutions offered, our team of experts will ensure that your Atlassian projects align with your business objectives and drive success.

Get the most out of your Atlassian tools E7 works side-by-side with you to understand your challenges and then quickly develop a plan to improve team and tool effectiveness. Make the most of your investment by speaking with us today about our packages.

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