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A JIRA SERVICE MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION FOR THE BOOKS With a drive to enhance organization and improve flexibility quickly, P1FCU searched for an ITSM tool that can extend far beyond IT



P1FCU looked to Jira for better support services and stronger flexibility. P1FCU needed a partner to roll out a new ITSM platform and process.


With little to no direction provided from a previous partner, P1FCU was challenged with solving issues and moving forward on their own.


P1FCU now uses Jira to support not only IT but HR, facilities, and the business intelligence teams, backed by best practices, guidance, and direction.

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P1FCU is a credit union that has helped its members succeed with its values of working hard and giving back to the community for more than 80 years. Growing and offering support in the Pacific Northwest, P1FCU provides services to help members with any financial decision in front of them.

Key Points

  • Having the Right Atlassian Partner
    • Teams who share similar core values work better together
  • Understanding the Needs of the Organization
    • Becoming an extension of the team helps fulfill their needs
  • Providing the Right Support
    • Guiding teams along their journey results in a win/win
  • Expanding Beyond Just IT
    • Supporting business functions across the organization streamlines work and fuels efficiency 

Enabling Teams at P1FCU

With a drive to enhance organization and improve flexibility quickly, P1FCU searched for a tool to do just that all in one environment - leading them to Atlassian’s Jira. P1FCU originally found a partner through Atlassian to accomplish this.

 Though P1FCU did succeed in finding a partner, the project was not executed as successfully as the organization would have liked. “We weren’t where we wanted to be in getting what we needed.” Having little direction from the previous partner, they set out to find a more strategic partner that would take them to the next level. Once they met with E7 Solutions, things began to look up.

"The relationship and what was learned with E7 Solutions was leaps and bounds compared to the last vendor."

Brian Jennings
P1FCU, IT Specialist

“Easy-to-work-with client and easy-to-work-with vendor makes the relationship great!”

Brian Jennings
P1FCU, IT Specialist

“We moved over to E7 Solutions and initially met and went over what needed to happen,” said Brian. “The interaction with E7 Solutions was great. Misty, Ana, Paul, and Cyril understood exactly what we wanted and directed us in what we should or shouldn’t do.” The weight had finally felt lifted for Brian and his team. “It saved me a bunch of time because I was able to do my part then go back and tell them I had a problem, and we would work together to solve it.”

Going from little to no support and direction in the past, E7 Solutions was able to take P1FCU's current environment and turn it into one that functions better to fulfill the needs of the team. “The relationship and what was learned with E7 Solutions was leaps and bounds compared to the last vendor."

IT was the original scope, but E7 Solutions has helped P1FCU expand Jira into multiple business functions, such as: facilities, training, and the business intelligence. “Both facilities and training use their service portals for preventative maintenance as well as scheduling out future activities," said Brian. The expansion is growing with HR next.

One notable goal accomplished in P1FCU and E7 Solutions working together is a significant one - enabling teams to perform quicker and work better together. “The main goal was making sure that our employees and our agents have a better experience to help our members,” said Brian.

E7 Solutions helped to refine P1FCU's customer portal so that it was easier to use. "I made a video that included everything that employees needed to know about how to use the new portal,” said Brian. "We went from 'email us, and we will open a ticket' to 'Now, you can open tickets and that'll let us know you have a problem.' It was a pretty good paradigm shift for the employees."

To conclude, the relationship between E7 Solutions and P1FCU allowed the team to be heard and meet the needs of several departments within the organization. “I had meetings twice a week with Misty and Ana. I have missed those because it was great to send them an email for help and in our next meeting, they would have the solution,” said Brian. At the end of the day, building a partnership that supports success for all teams involved is key.

Partnering with an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner like E7 Solutions can be a game-changer for your business. With our advanced product knowledge, customized solutions, ongoing support, and value-added services, E7 can help you achieve your business goals more effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your operations and streamline your processes with Atlassian products.


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