During this webinar, we will:

  • Understand the “WHY” - See how organizations (especially enterprises) can benefit from moving to Atlassian Cloud
  • Examine Atlassian Cloud's Core Values: Time to Value, ROI, and Innovation
  • Demo our Interactive Atlassian Cloud Cost Analysis 
  • Review Atlassian's Cloud Loyalty Program - (Get 40% off until July 1, 2022)
  • Provide a detailed timeline on how fast organizations can see ROI improve
  • Address the end of new feature developments on Server
  • Provide helpful resources like our Enterprise Migration eBook and Forrester's TEI report

About This Webinar

The Atlassian Cloud is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business world. It's no wonder why the rate at which organizations are realizing the cloud's benefits is at an all-time high. 

In a matter of hours or less, system downtime can cost three times as much as a year-long cloud subscription. In contrast, a study by Office365 found that IT experts reported cost savings from on-premise to cloud improved by 20%.

Taking advantage of these cost benefits is a no-brainer, so why not? Maybe you're asking yourself: 

  • What about the risks involved? Did you know there’s more risk involved with a server instance? A company could spend an average of $5,600 per minute on downtime, according to research done by Gartner.
  • How is the cost going to pay off in the long run? Investing in the Atlassian Cloud is a one-time purchase, but ROI is forever. So, for instance, if you invest $60,000 in the cloud and save $45,000 per year by removing annual on-premise costs for three years, you're immediately generating a 125% return on your investment.
  • Why should I choose an Atlassian Cloud migration over any other? Too many reasons to list on this one - watch our webinar to find out!

You can get answers to those questions and more from our webinar. Atlassian Cloud has it all - from impressive capabilities and tools that improve efficiency and collaboration to providing great time to value and delivery. With this webinar, you will not only learn the truth about cloud migrations but also see exactly how it's done.

Featured Presenter

Michael Abdelnour

Michael Abdelnour

Solutions Director

Michael is the Director of Client Services in Sales at E7 Solutions. Starting his journey with E7 as a DevOps Practice Director back in November 2016, Michael has always found value in recognizing E7 as a service-based firm.

After gaining experience in the technological field through maintaining and updating building technology as well as setting up web and database servers, he has since developed an expertise in working closely with clientele by finding a solution for their technical needs, based on active listening and customizing and building solution plans according to the organization.

As a Director, his focus is to expand portfolios by widening the type of industries E7 works with. When he is out of office, Michael enjoys golf, music, and spending time with his kids. In fact, he coaches his daughters’ soccer team.


Ijeoma Ekeh

Solutions Engineer

Ijeoma is a Solutions Engineer who has been with Atlassian since 2017. Her day-to-day consists of enabling partners and customers with Atlassian products, and providing technical expertise in the pre-sales space, with a focus on Cloud migration scenarios. She has led migration discussions with companies in a variety of industries, use cases, localities and sizes. Her favorite Atlassian value is Don't F#$! the Customer, and she does her best to embody that in her work.

When she's not working, Ijeoma can be found in the presence of as many dogs as possible (usually two), or attempting to replicate food from the BeforeTimes (TM) in her home kitchen.