Atlassian Team Playbook


As we enter 2018, it's time to take stock of what worked in 2017 and how to improve your business in 2018. If improving the way your teams work is a goal for 2018, this is a perfect time to download the "Atlassian Team Playbook." This playbook is written by teams for teams, and encourages everyone on the team to “be the change they seek” – or at least to catalyze change.

Getting your team together to meaningfully challenge and improve the way you work is at the heart of team collaboration. The Atlassian Health Monitor (described in the Playbook) walks you through eight attributes that Atlassian has found to be common among healthy teams and prompts you to discuss how your team is doing on each of them.

The Playbook reviews the advantages of the Agile methodology, running team meetings and retrospectives, establishing goals, uncovering the source of pain-points, the advantages of engaging in a "Health Monitor" session and much more.

Download the Atlassian Team Playbook.

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