Price Comparison of Atlassian Cloud vs. Server


As industries around the world become better equipped for digital transformation, Atlassian Cloud serves as a key performance player for several segments of an organization. Among the many benefits of Atlassian Cloud in comparison to Server, one of the major advantages is how Cloud can save organizations big - and who doesn't like savings?

In fact, according to an Atlassian article, IT pros share that an average 20 percent in savings is gained once the move to Cloud is made.

What's the Difference?

There are a few factors that play a role in the cost differences of Atlassian Cloud vs. Server. With an on-premise workspace, your organization is setting up, running, maintaining and securing every aspect of it. Not only is your team taking the heat during downtime, but other costs, such as labor, are heightened in times of outages. On top of that, these are costs that will never go away and will continue to increase. On the other hand, Atlassian Cloud costs are the inverse.

Let's Talk Numbers

A major benefit of moving from server to Atlassian Cloud is the positive impact it has on revenue. The ROI factorability of Cloud can put you at ease after getting through those upfront Cloud costs. Let's take a look at an example:

Atlassian calculated an example of an organization's ROI after three years of moving to the Cloud. Though the upfront cost of migrating may be different for organizations, based on aspects such as the number of apps and users being added, it can be seen here that Atlassian Cloud can earn your team 125 percent in ROI in under the 5-year mark of migration.

Check out this awesome Atlassian Cloud Pricing Calculator!

How Has Cloud Helped Other Companies?

Rockwell Automation was one of many growing organizations looking to advance and modernize its processes. When E7 stepped in with Rockwell Automation, migrating to the Cloud not only enhanced the velocity of work and delivering to clients but it also saved on costs in multiple forms. Confluence Cloud, or specifically the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, was able to allow E7 visibility into what Server apps should be moved to the Cloud. From reduced downtime to a 90 percent decrease in maintenance overhead, these unrealized expenses were solved with a cloud suit of engineering solutions.

What if I Want to Stay on Server?

While your Server instance will continue to function, Atlassian has fully ended support on Server, so your team may want to consider the benefits of Cloud in addition to cost sooner rather than later. The good news is E7 is here to help you evaluate all considerations to move to Cloud, migrate seamlessly and support thereafter. We'll show you exactly how Atlassian Cloud can maximize the success of your business tenfold.