Enhance Your Business with Advanced Roadmaps


cloudroadmapAs Cloud continues to change the way businesses run in areas of productivity, efficiency and teamwork, there are less reasons not to consider how Cloud can transform your organization. From security standards being the strongest today than they have ever been to cost with an excellent ROI rate, Atlassian Cloud disputes every concern with a benefit. Among the many valuable features Atlassian includes in its products and tools, we’re going to take up some of the more specific benefits of Advanced Roadmaps and how they can unleash the full potential of your team. Advanced Roadmaps is not only offered within Jira Software Premium in the Cloud, its now part of Jira Software Data Center!

Work projects can start off with a solidified plan, but plans can change. A project that could have taken 10 days to complete may have been hit with an unforeseen drawback, such as a network issue, delay in the review and feedback process, or an emergency absence from a core team player. As many organizations have experienced the transfer of in-office to remote working, it has become even more critical to stay on track and predict more realistic deadlines for everything from everyday tasks to major initiatives. Atlassian's Advanced Roadmaps for Jira enhances the velocity at which teams can work stronger and faster with key advantages: better organization, increased visibility and more foreseeable predictions. Let’s get started!

Become More Organized

Checking in and evaluating progress has grown significantly more challenging with remote work. Teams are still working together but in individual spaces to meet the needs of their organizations, and communication and predicted timelines are put to the test. With Advanced Roadmaps, your team can see exact durations of when tasks within a project are in progress and where in which they fall among other tasks. This not only helps team members specifically involved with a project, but it can help leadership track progress with ease across the entire organization. Even more importantly, your organization can communicate development on projects for customers with accuracy and ease.

Another key aspect of plans with Advanced Roadmaps is how it helps your team manage any additional, unforeseen tasks or priority changes. When listing the items needed to complete a project, it can be easy to find new tasks and assignments to have to tack on while running through the steps. Thus, this can lead to deadline rearranging and re-planning. Your team can learn how to better control and adjust the timeline of a project even when surprises show up with the Gantt chart display of Advanced Cloud Roadmaps (see below).

Increase Visibility Possibilities

Advanced Roadmaps is for teams who are pursuing a transparent, easy-to-visualize plan tracking progress. By implementing this Atlassian tool into your organization, this relieves your teams individually of the chaos in trying to envision the length and progress of each project as Roadmaps will simplify this. In addition, this feature will allow other teams not directly involved with certain projects or initiatives to understand and be aware of progress. Perhaps, a team member from the HR team is supporting a Marketing project. The lead of the HR team can follow along on that project to understand his or her employee’s schedule and when new or more HR tasks can be assigned to that employee, thus streamlining that visualization and communication process for both teams involved.

Increasing visibility aspects of deadlines not only improves the ways teams work and communicate, but Advanced Roadmaps can help teams additionally by making important decisions on projects and initiatives. For instance, if a subtask must be added to a specific project, this may delay the process of the remaining work for it. With all tasks listed and scheduled on your plan within Advanced Roadmaps, your team can work at high velocity to make decisions on what best route to take and what changes may need to occur to complete the work on or near the same deadline.

Think About the What-Ifs

Another benefit that stems from Advanced Roadmaps tacks on to the planning and decision-making process for projects and initiatives. Tasks within a project are laid out in a Gantt chart form, easily assisting teams with tracking progress. However, say a project is running smoothly enough to finish early. The team in control of that project can then analyze that plan and consider taking the extra mile with it. Roadmaps simplifies the prediction process of what adding tasks or time on current tasks to a project and easily see what that does to the timeline of the project. As your team’s boards are designed and purposed to show an exact, up-to-date representation of work progress, Advanced Roadmaps allow your teams to see a visualized plan where items of work can be changed to easily predict how long a project or larger initiative may take.

In short, Advanced Roadmaps is another representation of what Atlassian does best: better ways of working at an accelerated pace. By increasing your organization's and team’s levels of visibility and decision-making, your organization’s initiatives can be delivered faster, communicated better, and finished with flying colors. If your team is about enhancing the velocity of your business, feel free to give us a ring!

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