Explore the Advantages of Atlassian Tools


One of the most valuable resources in business is time. Yet, it is also one of the most difficult to track, allocate and stick to.

That's unless you have Atlassian tools.

From endless forms of automation to the ability of road-mapping projects across a month's span, assets within Atlassian's programs, such as Jira Software and Confluence, are designed to help your teams focus on their most important work and delivering success for your customers. At E7, we're all about this. We're breaking down the major trailblazers for team efficiency, time optimization and productivity maximization - and their costs.

*Note: Atlassian offers their programs free for a maximum of 10 users. Otherwise, the pricing as follows is based on a 50-user instance.


Though every organization's instance will vary, here's an average billing cycle that breaks down pricing by each major Atlassian tool. Cost saving is an option, as well. By looking at the annual versus monthly pricing, choosing the annual billing cycle could save your business $3,350!

Atlassian has developed several built-in calculators to help your organization gain a better, relative understanding of cost. By entering your number of users, the pricing calculator will select the ideal plan for you and what average cost looks like. Take a look at each page below:

Licensing can be pretty complex depending on user size and renewal dates, but we're happy to help you figure that out. We know a thing or two about making business life easier with Atlassian. 😉 E7 is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that can simplify the buying and managing process of taking on new licenses or renewals. Our Standard and Enhanced License Management packages can help you make the best of your Atlassian investments. Licensing FAQs can be found here, but here's a basic breakdown of licensing on Atlassian tools:

  • Jira Software and Confluence: Up to 20,000 users on Standard and Premium
  • Jira Service Management: Up to 5,000 agents per site on Standard and Premium
  • Cloud Enterprise Products: Up to 20,000 users per site

We're here to help with any questions you may have - we always love talking about the breakthrough benefits of Atlassian tools! More importantly, we don't succeed unless you do. To lift all higher, it means your business, E7, and Atlassian use collective energy, open communication and innovative ideas to conquer every mountain together.

Contact us today! In the meantime, feel free to check out our other articles on Atlassian, such as the transformative journey of Rockwell's Atlassian Cloud Migration.

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