Jira Service Management: Team Collaboration at High Velocity


The world and the way we work is changing rapidly. It’s safe to say this year specifically has allowed the abilities of IT to transform workplaces from on-site to remote almost seamlessly. In order to adapt with these changes and accelerate your business, it's best to have all your IT teams working together as efficiently as possible. Atlassian knows this – which is why its newest ITSM advancement has recently launched. Welcome to Jira Service Management.

Tearing out the traditional processes of IT teams, Atlassian has revamped and enhanced a new approach to ITSM. Simply put, Jira Service Management is collaborative, informative and high-performance work on an Atlassian level. JSM puts IT operations and development teams on a unified platform, allowing teams to collaborate at high velocity, respond to business changes and deliver great customer and employee service experiences fast. To show you the true insight on Atlassian’s visualization for this new attribute, we’ve zeroed in on Jira Service Management’s major features and benefits. Let’s get started!


jira service management featuresHigh-level focus on modern incident management and change management: Many of the features from Opsgenie are included with Jira Service Management to ensure strong configuration among Dev and Ops teams with incident management processes. Furthermore, knowledgeable decision-making strategies can result from the available tools JSM provides. The features include, but are not limited to: scheduling, alerting, change risk assessments and Atlassian tool integrations.

Don’t let that emphasis on incident management and change management detour your vision on Jira Service Management. In addition to Atlassian’s future releases of Jira Service Management that will include Mindville Insight and Halp, features of other management processes – such as request, problem and asset management – are all incorporated into this ITSM breakthrough tool. Read more about those processes here, where we ventured through each key ITSM process.


Valued teams equals valuable results: The most prominent step in achieving your organization’s goals can start with empowering the teams that represent it. This doesn’t just include IT but HR, Marketing and more!

jira service management visionTransparency: In order to stay fully aware and aligned with the many moving parts of your organization, tracking and linking work across Jira provides teams better insight on urgent needs or requests and can improve reaction time. This can increase saved time and cost, in addition to reduce stressed levels in cases of rapid major incident response situations.


Increased effectiveness: Though traditional ITSM strategies were new and advanced for their time, it is important to recognize changes to areas that need further improvement and act on them. Jira Service Management modernizes the IT service workflow by collaborating Dev and Ops teams, starting with planning and building to testing and launching.

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