Lift Your Team Higher with E7 and Cloud


You’ve probably read, heard and seen endless times and ways that technology is driving success for organizations. Whether digital transformation increased savings on time and cost or improved team collaboration and productivity, there is no denying the unlimited power and developments derived from technological advancements. This truth lies in the endless benefits, tools and progressions Atlassian Cloud provides, too.

Cut Back on Costs with Cloud

Before we dive into some of the great features about Atlassian Cloud tools, let’s provide a quick lesson on associated concerns. One of the major concerns that may cause organizations to turn away from Cloud is the cost association. “Is moving from an on-premise space to Cloud really worth the spend, when there are no apparent issues with the way things are today?” You may be surprised with the payback period Atlassian Cloud provides. Check out Atlassian’s Cloud ROI calculation example on how savings on moving from on-premise to Cloud can increase threefold in just five years.

In addition to cost-saving ability, Cloud has played a consistent and significant role in helping teams deliver fast and efficient value, empower team collaboration and drive innovative results, but Atlassian is making big moves to take Cloud even further for organizations around the world with new and improved Cloud tools and features.

Innovation, Flexibility and Mobility: 3 Core Elements of Cloud

As Cloud continues to take the lead in organization infrastructure, those who currently follow the traditional, on-premise route might be questioning what exactly makes the SaaS route so much better for teams. Atlassian incorporates three core elements into Cloud strategy: innovation, flexibility, and mobility.

As an Atlassian Cloud Partner of the Year, we understand teams today need tools they can rely on to keep creative thinking flowing, to meet evolving business needs, and to access anytime and anywhere. Atlassian has a pretty hefty collection of tools today, but here are some of the additions to come that will enhance the velocity of all types of teams:

  • Cloud Migration: Atlassian is currently working on migration capabilities for Marketplace, Jira Service Management and Advanced Roadmaps. Furthermore, Team Calendars, Confluence Questions, and Jira Software Projects will soon hold the ability to migrate to Cloud. These features will allow for an easier, time-saving process for your team to migrate data.
  • Performance: From Jira Software boards, backlogs and issues to critical customer portal experiences, several Jira and Confluence features are in the works of loading 1.5-2x faster for many existing customers.
  • Security: User activity logs are being improved to track all users who have viewed content. In addition, security requirements will launch for users outside of your organization when viewing your products
More information on current and upcoming Atlassian Cloud advancements can be found here.

So, what’s your organization waiting for? Is your team stuck on traditional processes or simply not sure where to start on the journey to accelerated success? Maybe your team has a steady case of risk aversion. Despite the current card in your hand, odds are Atlassian Cloud has what your organization needs to reach high velocity results – and E7 is here to help you achieve that.

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