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In today's world of technology, it can be challenging to stay ahead of trends or become overwhelmed with all of the tools and products constantly being released. With Atlassian, that stress of keeping up with the newest features is relieved with published Atlassian Cloud Roadmaps.

Click the video above to hear Edmond and Michael discuss exactly how Atlassian informs on current, shipped and future features, or skim the transcription below.

Video Transcription

Edmond: 00:01

Hey, Michael.

Michael: 00:02

Hey, Edmond. How are you?

Edmond: 00:04

Good, man. Good to see you.

Michael: 00:06

Yeah, for sure. Nice to see you too.

Edmond: 00:10

I was watching Ozark over the weekend and I just forgot, on a completely tangent note, like how awesome Radiohead is, and I wish they would come out with the next album already. The last one was just killer. I really do miss some good new music from them.

Michael: 00:28

Yeah. They're one of the best. There's no doubt about it.

Edmond: 00:31

No doubt about it.

Michael: 00:33

If anyone wants to try to convince me otherwise, you can try, but you'll probably fail.

Edmond: 00:38

Won't happen. All right. Well, we're talking about something else today other than Radiohead, favorite music and Netflix shows. We're going to talk about Atlassian's got a roadmap and they publish a roadmap for the cloud. Am I right here? Is that we're going to talk about?

Michael: 00:56

Yeah, you've got it. For years, I think one of the complaints, for lack of a better word, that we've heard from customers is just that the roadmap from Atlassian isn't as comprehensive as they would like it to be. I think that feedback was heard, and about two or three months ago, Atlassian entirely revamped their public roadmap. And you can find that at under the roadmap section. So it's out there and I know it's being updated as often as they can at this point, and so it provides a whole depth of information and insight for customers.

Edmond: 01:37

Yeah. That's a good point. So what are some of the things that the roadmap tells us? Obviously, with cloud in the title, it's about cloud, the roadmap for cloud. But what are some of the things that the roadmap shares with with us?

Michael: 01:53

Well, the roadmap is, it does a great job breaking it down based off of the platform. You had mentioned cloud, but you can search within which product or platform, and then you can search underneath that and kind of break it down by criteria. So maybe you have something specific to a security-related feature or something that you're looking for in the security realm, or maybe it's a feature that you're looking for or some type of integration. You could break it down by category and product until you can kind of drill it down and hopefully find what you're looking for and when that's coming, which is really exciting. So being able to see stuff at least three years into the future.

Edmond: 02:39

Wow, that's cool. So it's good forward-facing. Right? It's going to give me some future ideas, what's going to happen, what's coming. I'm sure there's some other things in there as well aside from just kind of what I can do to plan for the future.

Michael: 02:57

Yeah. I think this is one of the biggest reasons why I'm promoting the roadmap as much as I am. There's so much that Atlassian has shipped that maybe you're not familiar with or maybe you don't know about yet, and that's actually on the roadmap as well. So you can see what they shipped and some of the details behind what's already been delivered. So you're 100% right, Edmond, that it is great.

If you have a blocker or something that you're looking to see in the future, it's great for that, but it's also great for you to get some insights on what's been delivered recently and how that might impact you or something you just didn't know about in general. I think it's a great educational tool from that perspective.

Edmond: 03:38

That's cool. So now I've got a line of sight to the future, see what's coming, and I can start planning. I've got access to what's been shipped, because keeping up, it's a rapidly evolving suite of tools and so keeping abreast of that. Say I get acquainted with both and I'm not seeing what I'm looking for. I might be looking for something and I don't see it in the future, I don't see it being shipped. As a customer or as a potential customer, what can I do?

Michael: 04:12

Well, it might be categorized or called something different, or it might be buried underneath something else, or there just hasn't been enough for Atlassian to publicize that roadmap item. And so what you can do is you can reach out to us as a solutions partner and we can help you understand maybe it is on the roadmap and we're not seeing it, or if we've heard about it and we know it's coming or something along those lines. Or lastly, we can help drive that influence inside of Atlassian to say, "Hey, we're hearing from the ground that customers are needing this thing," and we can help maybe influence some of that roadmap changes. So there's a lot of value, I think, in reaching out to us, pulling us into any of those conversations you might have and helping, working collaboratively with us.

Edmond: 05:08

Oh, great. Great. So you get sort of your, for the most part, it's when I call, you can self-serve, get out there, take a look at the roadmap, see where we're going. See where Atlassian's going, see what's been shipped and how you can leverage these new functions and features. And then, if you're not seeing anything, get in touch with us as a partner. We can either interpret maybe something that is there, or we can help influence things in the roadmap by bringing that forward. It's great to know.

Michael: 05:43

Yeah. Great summary.

Edmond: 05:45

Just one more time for everybody. What was the URL to get there so they can go check out the roadmap?

Michael: 05:50

Yeah. It's and then you'll see the section for roadmap.

Edmond: 05:56

Awesome. I love the trust in there. That's beautiful.

Michael: 06:00

Yeah. [crosstalk 00:06:01]

Edmond: 06:01

It was great talking with you, Michael. I appreciate the overviews. Excellent as always.

Michael: 06:07

Take care. I'll talk to you soon.

Edmond: 06:09

All right. See you.


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