The Business Case for Atlassian's Data Center


As companies expand and their user base grows, the reliability and performance of their tools, such as Jira and Confluence, become critical. Admins face the challenge of ensuring these tools can handle the increasing demands placed on them by teams that rely on them every day. Simply having these applications up and running is no longer enough. Upgrade to Data Center, which provides more reliability and scalability guarantees. Atlassian's Data Center is a solution that can meet the needs of growing organizations, ensuring their mission-critical applications remain available and performant. Upgrading to Data Center is not just about the present, but also about preparing for the future. As your organization grows, so do the demands on your tools. With Data Center, you can be confident that your Jira and Confluence applications will scale to meet those demands. Data Center provides a resilient infrastructure that ensures high availability, performance, and security. With features like load balancing, active-active clustering, and disaster recovery, you can minimize downtime and maintain business continuity. By investing in Data Center, you are investing in the longevity of your organization's mission-critical applications. Don't wait until you experience performance issues or downtime to make the switch. Upgrade to Data Center now and future-proof your tools.

So how do you prove the investment is worth it?
Here is a guide to help you build business case for Data Center

Inside the guide we'll walk you through:

  • How to describe the value of Data Center
  • Quantifying the benefits with an ROI calculator
  • Proving the timing is right

Check out this great overview of the data center benefits here

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