The Science Behind Working Together

As we continue to navigate through the changes caused by COVID-19, many workplaces are shifting their work environments. The decrease in face-to-face interactions may

be challenging, but it is important to remember we are not alone in this. As we are a team focused heavily on communication and collaboration, E7 Solutions would like to recognize the significance of teams in these trying times and encourage you to check out Atlassian’s new podcast, Teamistry.

Teamistry is a concept that the podcast host, Gabrielle Cowperthwaite, describes as “the chemistry of teams and what happens when people are so open to new ideas and working, innovating and expressing themselves together, they end up doing something amazing.” It is designed to uncover and recognize the teams behind great discoveries or accomplishments that appear on the surface as an individual’s success.

Now that we brought our offices to our homes, the team members at E7 stay connected via communication channels and webcam meetings multiple times a week.

Teamistry: Episodes one through six are currently available. Click below to gain insight into the information E7 is using to further acknowledge the importance of working together – no matter where we are.