Top 5 Core Values on Atlassian Cloud Enterprise


As an organization in a competitive, industry-booming business world, your team requires needs met at enterprise-level. To stay ahead of the game, your team needs stand-out advantages: improved accessibility, high-velocity performance, and most importantly – accelerated team satisfaction. With E7's expertise on Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, you’ll get that.

By participating in the Cloud movement, you join over 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies that use Atlassian products. With remote working taking over the way businesses run today, we see how fast-paced adaptation to changing businesses needs to occur. Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is the trailblazer for your organization’s digital transformation, and E7 is your guide in helping achieve your team’s drive through the ever-changing technology landscape. Let’s talk about our favorite gains from Cloud Enterprise.

Atlassian has narrowed down 5 core and common needs for enterprise customers:

Global Scale

Standardization on one cloud platform and multiple instances are possible. All teams are able to access what they need in one space while self-governing their individual projects. To add on, licensing flexibility is available for teams to effectively scale usage at unlimited instances.

Highest Reliability Standards

Uptime for Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is at a guaranteed 99.95 percent uptime SLA. To top that, 24/7 support is available with Enterprise Support. Enterprise Support includes fastest available response times, phone support, senior support team, coverage on Atlassian Access and more.

Enterprise-grade Security and Compliance

One of the most significant priorities of Cloud Enterprise, and likely your organization, is the amount and level of trust instilled in supporting and residing data. GDPR compliance, encryption in transit and at rest, and more certified compliances demonstrate Atlassian’s understanding in how protected your data needs to be. As we mentioned above, Atlassian Access is covered by the Cloud Enterprise package and includes SSO support, audit logs and two-factor verification.

Powerful, Enhancing Governance Controls

Atlassian recently announced new centralized user management through its admin hub. In managing multiple instances and tracking productivity all at a fast pace, this installment’s purpose is to enhance simplicity, speed, scale and expansion of all Atlassian Cloud products to improve your organization’s experience.

Improve Collaboration with Marketplace apps

Last but certainly not least, Atlassian’s collaboration with over 1000 Marketplace app partners to enforce a stronger shield for your organization in aspects of security, reliability, support and organization. Atlassian knows customers need these cloud apps and integrations to obtain a full, all-hands-on-deck experience with Cloud Enterprise and are working to further the collaboration in alignment with today’s constant technological advancements.

Cloud is paving the way for today’s strongest organization infrastructure, and predictions of its advancement and continuous rise are looking optimistic. Though Cloud started off as a type of system that fit the needs of some teams, it is growing into something that supports multiple organizational needs and can transform structure in a seamless and agile fashion. Collaboration among teams at enterprise level, faster service and support, and more – the sky is the limit, but your best way up is with E7 and Atlassian.

For more on the endless utilization and collaboration factors of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, click below to watch our Atlassian Insights video that uncovers user size, enterprise-grade security and other effective features!

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