In Our Webinar, We Will:

  • Review important business drivers you should consider when creating a plan

  • Examine Atlassian's plan and offer insight on their timeline

  • Open up discussion to our audience to allow for Q&A

  • Educate on how to decide between cloud, data center, or staying on server (for now)

  • Give you the blueprint for what you should do next while keeping long-term goals in mind

About This Webinar

We understand there is a lot of information and confusion around Atlassian's plan to become cloud-focused. Should you move to the cloud, data center, or a hybrid model? Is staying on the server a real option? How does this affect your business? When should I move?

With all these questions going around, we wanted to get together and answer them, while giving you guidance on how to move. 

Along with our Q&A session, we will also discuss the business drivers you must consider and what you must take into account when creating your plan. At the end of our webinar, you will be armed with the information needed to create a plan for a successful path forward. Register for our webinar now!

Featured Presenters


Edmond Delude

CEO / Founder

Edmond is the founder of E7 Solutions, which he launched in 2008. He brings a diverse background with nearly two decades of program oversight, process development, business strategy, and product management experience in highly technical, fast-paced, global environments.

As CEO of E7 Solutions, Edmond honors his creative instincts and his passion for continuous improvement by focusing on clients first and helping build creative solutions for clients to thrive. 


michael webinar headshot

Michael Abdelnour

Solutions Director

Michael is the Director of Client Services in Sales at E7 Solutions. Starting his journey with E7 as a DevOps Practice Director back in November 2016, Michael has always found value in recognizing E7 as a service-based firm.

After gaining experience in the technological field through maintaining and updating building technology as well as setting up web and database servers, he has since developed an expertise in working closely with clientele by finding a solution for their technical needs, based on active listening and customizing and building solution plans according to the organization.

As a Director, his focus is to expand portfolios by widening the type of industries E7 works with. When he is out of office, Michael enjoys golf, music, and spending time with his kids. In fact, he coaches his daughters’ soccer team.