In Our Webinar We Will Uncover

  • At a high-level what was actually announced?

  • Why did Atlassian do this?

  • What does this actually mean for me?

  • What is the timeline for these changes?

  • How to decide between Cloud or Data Center

  • Debunking perceived barriers for migrating to Cloud or Data Center

  • How do I create a migration plan?

About This Webinar

Our webinar will help you understand exactly what to expect and what to do with Atlassian's announcement that moving forward the focus will be on Atlassian Cloud solutions. Learn what Atlassian’s plan is for sunsetting the Server Platform and what it means for your business. This news may have you wondering if it is time to start thinking about moving from Server to either Atlassian Cloud or Data Center. Either way, there is no better time to start planning than now.

Join E7 Solutions on December 9th at 2 pm EST for our live webinar. 

At the end of our webinar, you will be armed with the knowledge to make an educated decision on whether moving from your current environment to Atlassian Cloud makes sense for your organization.   

Featured Presenters


Edmond Delude

CEO / Founder

Edmond is the founder of E7 Solutions, which he launched in 2008. He brings a diverse background with nearly two decades of program oversight, process development, business strategy, and product management experience in highly technical, fast-paced, global environments.

As CEO of E7 Solutions, Edmond honors his creative instincts and his passion for continuous improvement by focusing on clients first and helping build creative solutions for clients to thrive. 


michael webinar headshot

Michael Abdelnour

Solutions Director

Michael is the Director of Client Services in Sales at E7 Solutions. Starting his journey with E7 as a DevOps Practice Director back in November 2016, Michael has always found value in recognizing E7 as a service-based firm.

After gaining experience in the technological field through maintaining and updating building technology as well as setting up web and database servers, he has since developed an expertise in working closely with clientele by finding a solution for their technical needs, based on active listening and customizing and building solution plans according to the organization.

As a Director, his focus is to expand portfolios by widening the type of industries E7 works with. When he is out of office, Michael enjoys golf, music, and spending time with his kids. In fact, he coaches his daughters’ soccer team.