Some of the takeaways we will discuss are:

  • How did we get here?

  • Is moving to Atlassian’s Cloud required and is it really that beneficial?

  • What happens if your organization is still on Server when it reaches EOL?

  • What has Atlassian done and what will they do to address FedRAMP and HIPPA for Cloud?

  • How can some of the migration costs and timing issues be mitigated?

Join us for an interactive and informative session!

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Featured Presenters

E7 Solutions

Michael Abdelnour

Business Development Director

Michael is the Director of Business Development at E7 Solutions. Starting his journey with E7 as a DevOps Practice Director back in November 2016, Michael has always found value in recognizing E7 as a service-based firm.

After gaining experience in the technological field through maintaining and updating building technology as well as setting up web and database servers, he has since developed expertise in working closely with clientele by finding a solution for their technical needs, based on active listening and customizing and building solution plans according to the organization.

As a Director, his focus is to expand portfolios by widening the type of industries E7 works with. When he is out of the office, Michael enjoys golf, music, and spending time with his kids. In fact, he coaches his daughters’ soccer team.

E7 Solutions

Daniel Dickson

Sr. Business Development Executive

As a Senior Business Development Executive at E7 Solutions, Daniel brings over a decade of invaluable experience in enterprise technology, specializing in SaaS, iPaaS, and collaborative platforms. His journey began with a pivotal role at Dell and Boomi, where he honed his expertise in harnessing cutting-edge solutions to drive business growth.

Now, at E7 Solutions, he stands at the forefront of guiding our clients through the intricacies of the Atlassian ecosystem. With a deep understanding of the nuances of modern technology, he is dedicated to recommending and implementing tailored solutions that precisely meet our clients' unique business needs.

Daniel's career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the realm of enterprise technology.

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