E7 CEO, Entrepreneur of the Year


On April 27, Corp! Magazine honored a number of Michigan entrepreneurs for their leadership and their contributions to the Michigan economy. Among those honored was E7 founder and CEO, Edmond Delude. 

The keynote address explored the variety of ways the honorees have achieved their particular version of success. Each of these leaders took their own path, and it was often an unexpected one.

All the honorees were recognized for making a difference in their communities, in their industry, and, most of all, to their employees. They were never afraid (at least not that they would admit) of taking the "other path," and they always took their responsibilities as leaders very seriously. They not only explored their own passions, but also engaged the passions of others.

Every day Edmond exemplifies what it means to be a great leader by approaching each element of E7's business in a calm and thoughtful way, always ready to listen and inspire. 

When asked what characteristic he feels best defines a good leader, Edmond responded, "There are two essential characteristics that go hand-in-hand: listening and decisiveness. In order to make good decisions, you must first and foremost be a good listener. Once ready, a good leader has to make important decisions without fear of the responsibility or doubt in their ability."

Everyone at E7 is extremely proud of Edmond. We believe this honor is well-deserved, although we may be a bit biased.