Atlas is now Atlassian Platform Experiences in Atlassian Home!


A few years ago, Atlassian introduced a new product called Atlas, the initial teamwork directory to help teams communicate better and allow organizations to see the big picture across their teams, apps, and work. But since Atlassian's goal has always been to help as many teams as possible, they wanted to make Atlas even more accessible to users everywhere.

That’s why Atlassian announced at Atlassian Team 24 that Atlas will be retired as a product, and its features will become the first of Atlassian’s Platform Experiences within Atlassian Home and available to every Atlassian customer for free. That means no more product licenses to provision or user access to manage - if you have an Atlassian product in your workspace, you’ll be able to use goals, projects, teams, and topics and get an upgraded Atlassian Home experience.

One significant change is the shift towards prioritizing connected experiences via the Atlassian Platform, aiming to establish a cohesive work system for various tasks. Although it will require time to develop this interconnected system of applications and tools, centralizing objectives, projects, teams, and subjects is a crucial initial step in linking work processes across all team-utilized tools and applications.

New Atlas workspaces are no longer available for creation, and current Atlas users will be transferred to the new Platform Experiences in the following months. If you are not a current Atlas customer, but wish to utilize Platform Experiences such as goals or projects, you can participate in the early access program.

What is the actual change taking place?

In the short term:

  • Atlassian is retiring the Atlas brand. Atlas features will now be grouped under the new Platform Experiences in Admin Hub

  • All Atlas features, including paid features, will be available for free to all Atlassian customers who have access to Platform Experiences

  • Atlas can no longer be provisioned as a product. To access Atlas features you will have to opt in to the Platform Experiences early access program

  • Atlassian will start migrating Atlas customers to Platform Experiences. Your organization admins will receive communication via email before we migrate your site

  • The URL to access the usual screens you associate with Atlas will change from to

  • Atlassian's plan is to add enterprise compliance that wasn’t previously available with Atlas. They will update this article whenever they add new certifications to Platform Experiences.

In the long term:

  • Stronger integrations between Platform Experiences features and your Atlassian products

  • New Platform features and capabilities that will increase the connections between products, help teams share information, and improve how you work across Atlassian

  • More upgrades to the Atlassian Home

What’s not changing?

Your data.

Atlassian will ensure that existing Atlas customers keep all the data they created in Atlas when migrating them to Platform Experiences.

You will still be able to create projects, goals, topics, and teams. You will have access to the different directories, be able to post updates, and receive weekly digests.

What do I need to do?


Over the coming months Atlassian will gradually be rolling out Platform Experiences to all Atlassian customers. As part of that rollout, they will also transition all Atlas workspaces to the new Atlassian Home experience.

During this transition, you’ll maintain all your Atlas data. This includes any projects, goals, topics, updates, and anything else you created in Atlas.

If you aren’t an Atlas customer already you can still access Platform experiences, now in beta, via our early access program. To read more about the program check out Atlassian's guide here:

IMPORTANT! You can’t opt a site into Platform Experience early access if it already has an Atlas workspace attached. Atlassian will be transitioning all Atlas workspaces to Platform Experiences so we recommend that you wait for the transition. You’ll get to keep all your existing Atlas data as part of this transition.

Note that during the early stages of the beta, there will not be a significant advantage to transitioning from Atlas to Platform Experiences early access program yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlassian Home?

Atlassian is introducing Atlassian Home, which is a centralized view of what is happening within your organization. It helps teams better understand things like what is going on, who is working on what, and why it matters to the business. It offers a unified experience for managing projects, teams, and tasks efficiently. Consolidating all this context in a single location assists each team member in making quicker, more well-informed decisions on what to do next.

Atlassian Home will be available to all Atlassian customers for free in both Jira and Confluence initially (and then in other Atlassian products soon).

What are Atlassian’s Platform Experiences?

Atlassian's Platform Experiences refer to the new integrated features that were previously part of the Atlas product. These features are now available within Atlassian Home, offering enhanced collaboration and productivity tools for all Atlassian customers. The transition aims to provide a seamless experience and improve connectivity across various Atlassian products.