E7 Solutions Congratulates Winner of 2022 Scholarship


As the organization continues to analyze and strategize its growth process, E7 Solutions wanted to take an external step forward and find a way to give to the community. Taking into consideration the significance and impact of education and technology on today's advancements, E7 pursued the idea of launching a scholarship program to fund $7,000 toward a qualified high school or undergraduate student's tuition in early 2022. After several months of building criteria and reviewing applications, E7 is proud to announce Enzo Mignano as the winner of the first 2022 E7 Scholarship.

“Sometimes realizing our goals can be achieved through our determination and willpower. Sometimes it takes more," said Edmond Delude, CEO. "I wanted to provide the ‘more’ for those with financial obstacles but desire to build a better version of themselves and the world around them."

The application challenged students to explain how education can help them in their personal lives and in their careers. They were also asked to describe how technology plays a critical role in the advancements of today. Delivered in Enzo’s essay responses were a passion for applying technology to the real world and a dedication to education.

“I am deeply honored by E7's support,” said Enzo Mignano, E7 Scholarship winner, student of University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. “This scholarship will greatly help me in paying for my college expenses and allow me to concentrate on my studies.”

Congratulations, Enzo!

To learn more about E7 Solutions' scholarship program and our selected winner, see the full press release.

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