How Atlassian Cloud Can Transform Your Team


One of the most beneficial components of an organization’s productivity structure is how well it is organized. Furthermore, customizing and implementing tools according to relative themes, goals and metrics to the organization is key in connecting the ideologies of the organization to agile development.

On a cloud-based space, not only is your team’s platform a space to plan, execute and track everyday work, but metrics, goals and progress are easily visible for your team’s work along the way. We believe that Atlassian tools are often the backbone of an organization. With our expertise on Atlassian Cloud, we can help you reach this level and take it even higher. 

The heavy workload many take on through a day-to-day basis, in addition to the remote work lifestyle that has taken over this past year, enhances potential challenges for team members to communicate and stay up-to-date with task or project progress. Atlassian’s Cloud consists of several agile tools and programs that have been built to alleviate these types of challenges. Let us explain a few:

Jira Software: Users within teams can create stories and issues, lay out the blueprints for sprints and distribute responsibilities and tasks across the team. Work can be assigned and prioritized accordingly as well as updated by status frequently, making it easier to visualize work progress. These opportunities, as well as workflow customization and current tool integration, can lead your team to results of stronger performance, better time management and more transparent organization.

Jira Align: Aspects of visibility, team strategy alignment, and optimization for customer value are all considered within Jira Align. The ability to assign team members as portfolio managers, executives, delivery teams and more, as well as implementing framework of choice such as hybrid or custom, is available.


Confluence: Organization and integration are key movers for effective productivity. With Confluence, your team will obtain an open and connected structure where employees’ innovations and contributions can be heard and ideas can be stored. Furthermore, tools like Jira, Trello, Google Drive and Dropbox are capable of being integrated among the 3,000+ Marketplace apps available.



The opportunities for organizational growth are endless, and it starts with applying a work operating system like Atlassian Cloud. Make the first move for your organization toward the tools that can revolutionize your workspace with us!


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