Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages: Unlocking a Fast and Easy Transition to the Future


‍‍Are you ready to embrace the future of cloud computing? Look no further than the Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages offered by E7 Solutions, a trusted Atlassian Solution Partner. With the imminent end of life for Atlassian Server, organizations around the world are seeking a fast and reliable solution to migrate their on-premise instances to the cloud. E7 Solutions' expert guidance and proven methodologies make them the ideal partner for a seamless transition to Atlassian Cloud. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key features, benefits, and cost savings associated with Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages, ensuring that you can make an informed decision for your organization's future.

Understanding the Journey to Atlassian Cloud

As the demand for digital transformation grows, Atlassian Cloud has emerged as a powerful platform for various segments of an organization. The benefits of Atlassian Cloud over Atlassian Server are numerous and compelling. One major advantage is the potential for significant cost savings. According to a survey conducted by Atlassian, businesses experienced an average of 20% in savings after migrating to the cloud. This translates to substantial financial benefits that can positively impact your organization's bottom line.

The Cost Differences: Atlassian Cloud vs. Server

To comprehend the cost differences between Atlassian Cloud and Server, it is essential to consider the underlying factors. With an on-premise workspace, your organization is responsible for setting up, running, maintaining, and securing every aspect of it. This includes handling downtime, labor costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses. These costs are ongoing and tend to increase over time. In contrast, Atlassian Cloud eliminates the need for in-house infrastructure, maintenance, and security management. With Cloud, you can shift your focus to core business activities while enjoying predictable and manageable costs.

The Numbers Speak: ROI and Cost Benefits of Atlassian Cloud

  When considering a migration to Atlassian Cloud, it is crucial to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) and cost benefits. Atlassian has provided an example to illustrate the potential ROI after three years of migrating to the Cloud. While the upfront migration cost may vary based on the organization's specific requirements, this example demonstrates the potential for a 125% ROI within five years of migration. It is important to note that Atlassian offers a Cloud Pricing Calculator to help organizations estimate the cost of their specific migration.

How E7 and Atlassian Cloud Helped Other Companies

Numerous organizations have already embraced Atlassian Cloud and reaped its benefits. One such success story is Rockwell Automation, a growing organization that sought to modernize its processes. With the assistance of E7 Solutions, Rockwell Automation migrated to the Cloud and experienced enhanced work velocity and cost savings. The adoption of Confluence Cloud, coupled with the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, provided visibility into the migration process, resulting in reduced downtime and a remarkable 90% decrease in maintenance overhead.

The Journey to Cloud: Atlassian Server EOL

While organizations still have time to remain on Atlassian Server, it is essential to consider the implications of Atlassian's planned end of life (EOL) for Server by 2024. As the deadline approaches, it becomes increasingly crucial to explore the benefits of Atlassian Cloud and evaluate the potential cost savings and security enhancements it offers. E7 Solutions, as an Atlassian Solution Partner, is equipped with the expertise to guide organizations through the evaluation process, seamless migration, and ongoing transformational services to maximize the success of their business.

Making the Move: Partnering with E7 Solutions

As organizations navigate the journey to Atlassian Cloud, partnering with an Atlassian Solution Partner like E7 Solutions can make a significant difference. E7 Solutions offers Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages designed to facilitate a seamless transition. With their speed of delivery and expert guidance, they ensure a hassle-free migration experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business. Their team of certified experts will handle the heavy lifting, ensuring that your data is securely migrated to the cloud, freeing you from the constraints of legacy systems.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future with Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages

As the end of life for Atlassian Server approaches, organizations must consider the benefits of migrating to Atlassian Cloud. With E7 Solutions' Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages, the transition becomes seamless and cost-effective. By embracing the power of Atlassian Cloud, you can unlock the true potential of your organization, enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and ensure the security of your data. Trust in the expertise of E7 Solutions, an Atlassian Solution Partner, to guide you on this transformative journey to the future of cloud computing. Don't wait until it's too late - let E7 be your guide with Atlassian Cloud Migration Packages to secure the success of your business.