Enhance SSO, Authentication, and More with Atlassian Access


Take user provisioning to the next level and simplify your organization's login process and with Atlassian Access. Sync up directory and increase security, enhance user governance and permissions with one of Atlassian's most recently-launched tools. Specifically, security teams and security-minded roles can greatly benefit from features, such as audit logs, to ensure everyone within the organization is following the same security rules and organizational practices. All levels of Cloud are applicable to Atlassian Access.

Data protection and security is inevitably significant to organizations for the sake of providing teams a safe place to store and utilize data, a competitive advantage, and deliver your business's best work with top-tier products and services - in any industry.

Here's a basic breakdown of what Atlassian Access can do for all teams within your organization - check out this episode of our Atlassian Insights video series.

Ability to apply security policies across the organization to each individual user enhances the security. Some of those features include:

  • SAML single-sign on
  • Two-step verification required for users
  • Audit log to record activities completed within your organization
  • Support

"Does the size of my team matter to take full advantage of Atlassian Access?"

The answer is: Absolutely not! Teams of all sizes can benefit from the enterprise-grade identity and access management features of Atlassian Access. Enhance visibility, oversight and authentication features of your organization today.

That's not all. Atlassian invests and innovates thoroughly to bring your teams the highest level of security, data protection and compliance. Set up a 30-day trial here! Then, when you're ready, let us help you get started with the top security tool out there today.

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