Here's What You Need to Know About Cloud Differentiators


Cloud is the future for modernizing and optimizing the way teams work. In a digitally-transformative, businesses rely on the fastest and most reliable tools to get work done quickly and accurately. That's one of the several reasons why 90% of Atlassian Cloud users recommend making the switch from server to cloud. Migrating to Cloud can show substantial boosts in productivity, improvement in time management, collaboration, and more.

Specifically, enterprises are finding major reward in surrendering self-managed solutions to freeing opportunities for better scalability and time for administration to focus on growing their businesses. In fact, it has been predicted by Gartner that 80 percent of enterprises will migrate to cloud infrastructure by 2025. For some, the question may still remain:

"Why Atlassian Cloud?"

There are three differentiating factors that can answer this question and clarify just how Atlassian Cloud stands out from the rest. Let's take a look and dive into each of those.

Time to Value

From mobile apps to strong integrative factors, Atlassian Cloud can help teams work better and faster tremendously. Delivery is also a heavily-impacted department once Cloud comes into play. In fact, Atlassian states it is one of the top reasons why organizations show interest in moving to Cloud.



A strong return on investment with Atlassian Cloud doesn't just mean more money in the pockets of your organization. It means re-utilizing valuable, precious time to areas of your business that need it most. The cost and time of manually hosting hardware is much higher than it needs to be when Cloud exists and can eliminate or reduce those costs for you. Take a look at how E7 Solutions worked with Rockwell Automation to improve operations with Cloud!


The investment Atlassian continues to dedicate to the advancement of Cloud is impressive. There are constantly moving parts when it comes to upgrades, new features, program updates, and more that make the move to Cloud so worthwhile. Data integrity, security, and performance are just a few categories listed in Atlassian's Cloud Roadmap.

The new norm for organizations looking to enhance the speed and quality at which they work for a higher return on investment drills down to an Atlassian Cloud migration. For more on Atlassian Cloud and how E7 Solutions can play a role in enhancing your teams to deliver their best work, check out our resources page or contact us. We're always happy to help.

In the meantime, don't miss our webinar on Atlassian Cloud Differentiators with Nora Gojcevic and Atlassian's Ijeoma Ekeh! We dive even further into the advantages users can gain from each specialization of Atlassian Cloud - check it out below.

Atlassian Cloud Differentiators