Top 5 Helpful Software License Management Tips


Handling the various operational tasks can be overwhelming, let alone when it comes to keeping up with daily work activities, deadlines, meetings and other responsibilities. Pile that on with reminders of monthly or annual payments that fall on different days or weeks, keeping in mind what you have scheduled on your calendar each week. Then, think about all the subscription renewal dates for products and services you use both on a regular basis and rare occasions. In retrospect, you are left stuck with a cluster of stress-filled items on your task list. Talk about overwhelming.

In the fast-paced, technology-based world that exists today, there are several ways to fall behind, lose track of your agenda, and become unorganized altogether. However, with the help and advantage of how rapid this world advances, there are several more ways to solve those issues. Here are five take-away tips that E7 Solutions suggests you can use to improve your current license management strategies, better structure your day-to-day operations, and organize your task list (and find a peace of mind).

How to break down your current procedures and build up new strategies regarding license management:

1. Organize the licenses you hold

There may be times where you come across a program that could support the needs of your company or alleviate any issues your company is currently facing. Over time, the number of those programs likely increases, but many of them may be doing the same good. By organizing the licenses that you currently have, you may find that you can reduce that number but fulfill the same amount of needs.

2. Remove any unnecessary or unused licenses

As this tip stems from organizing your licenses, removing those unnecessary or unused licenses can also result in removing extra and unneeded stress. Ultimately, there are less licenses to keep track of for multiple reasons, such as you may already hold a license to one program that helps in multiple ways rather than the other way around.

3. Set scheduled self-reminders

For some, it can be as simple as applying a section of your work calendar to license-related reminders that would otherwise get lost in the mix of many other responsibilities. For others, it may take some extra self-reminders to get in the habit of checking when updates or renewals are available or due.

4. Pay attention to costs

Once you have completed the steps above, it is helpful to take an in-depth look at the financial aspect of the licenses you currently hold. The following categories should be considered as you complete this step: significance, usefulness and precedence. Then, ask yourself these questions: What programs you have licenses for are barely used or are not used enough to find worth in keeping? Do I have a license I am paying more to renew than others, but it does not fully support the needs of my company? Would I even notice the removal of this program I am paying monthly/yearly for when I have another program that is used more effectively?

5. Manage licenses effectively and efficiently

After organizing all of the licenses you currently hold, removing any you no longer need or could replace with one that can fulfill more needs, and setting scheduled reminders for the licenses you still acquire, you are set with a thorough plan to manage your licenses. It is important to stay on top of these actions as it will take time to complete them all around the first time. With that said, it is equally as important to take the time to revisit and reengage in these actions to realign your company’s needs with the licenses you hold to continue effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

What E7 can do to help you implement better license management tactics

To alleviate the stress and save you and your team time, let E7 take on these tasks with you. We can hold the role as your licensing team and handle the ordering and managing of your Atlassian software. As an Atlassian Solution Partner here to provide support and services to our current and prospective customers, E7 can help you each step of the way with this journey.

Currently, we offer two License Management programs that will meet your goals in effectively adapting and organizing your Atlassian collaboration. With our Standard or Enhanced License Management programs, we provide a more cost-effective and efficient setup for your current and future Atlassian licenses. This includes structured payment plans, maximizing the use of your Atlassian tools, and more. The combination of Atlassian’s resource library and our expertise will result in a logical, sensible structure for your licenses.

E7 is here to provide our License Management expertise to your benefit. With our helping hand, we can guide you along each simple step: Organize the licenses you hold, remove any unnecessary or unused licenses, set scheduled self-reminders, pay attention to costs, and manage licenses effectively and efficiently.

The full breakdown of each of our program’s services can be viewed on our License Management page. Click below to learn more about exactly how we can help you along the way.