Top 5 Things to Know About Atlassian’s AI


Atlassian Intelligence marks a transformative step in revolutionizing teamwork through AI. By harnessing the capabilities of teamwork AI and software AI, teams can function at a superior level, executing tasks with unmatched speed, efficiency, and precision. The ai features of Atlassian Intelligence equip individuals with the tools needed for insightful analysis and prompt action, thereby enabling organizations to fully realize their team's potential and excel in the competitive business arena.

The advent of Atlassian Intelligence ushers in a groundbreaking era of collaboration by infusing cloud AI and cloud artificial intelligence into the Premium and Enterprise editions of Atlassian's cloud offerings. Equipped with AI features that enhance individual productivity, distill actionable insights from data, and foster efficient decision-making, Atlassian Intelligence is at the forefront of transforming how teams work. By embracing the capabilities of AI, organizations are positioned to unleash their team's potential and secure greater achievements in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Atlassian Intelligence is redefining teamwork by seamlessly integrating AI into its comprehensive Atlassian suite. Key takeaways include the enhancement of collaborative efforts through the application of teamwork AI, and positioning Atlassian Intelligence as a pivotal tool in the industry.

  1. Accelerate individual productivity - Experience the power of Atlassian Intelligence as you instantly craft content with Generative AI within the editor, accelerate your understanding with AI-generated summaries, eradicate repetitive tasks through natural language automation, and clarify specialized terms using AI Definitions.

  2. Glean insights from your organizational data - Leverage Atlassian Intelligence to effortlessly search for issues and their interconnections using natural language, and gain access to in-depth insights into critical business metrics, such as project execution trends, customer support velocity, and overall team health.

  3. Use AI to drive action - Implement Atlassian Intelligence's Virtual Agents to streamline interactions, synthesize complex inquiries, and craft informed responses to support queries in Slack or Teams, all informed by your comprehensive knowledge base.

  4. Privacy and Security - Atlassian’s privacy and security standards and company values apply to Atlassian Intelligence.

  5. Learn More - View our Guide to Atlassian Intelligence to learn more.

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