Top 7 Features Of Atlassian Cloud Security

One of the most common considerations about migrating to the cloud is the potential lack of security or safety involved, such as the possibility of being hacked or confidential information being held in the hands of the wrong person. Luckily, there is a platform that currently exists with high standards, processes and maintenance in place to keep users safe – and that is Atlassian’s Cloud. The transparency of Atlassian’s Cloud Security platform provides a comforting view into what you can expect if your team is interested in migrating, displaying all of its current capabilities and future advancements to the Atlassian Cloud Roadmap.

If you are a part of a team that understands the effectivity and productivity advancements the Cloud can provide and is willing to migrate to apply those advancements, but your team holds one or more concerns about the security and protection of making that move, sit tight! We are about to clear the air on just how driven and protective the security behind Atlassian’s Cloud Security services truly are.

1. Encryption and Organization Security

Some of the security features within Atlassian’s cloud services are the following: Encryption in transit and at rest, domain verification and account capture, and Atlassian Access. The encryption services protect data transmitted between you and the applications with Transport Layer Security and Perfect Forward Secrecy. Domain verification allows you to view and manage all users associated with the domain. Finally, a subscription to Atlassian Access is required to connect to your SAML SSO provider for Atlassian cloud products, to track user and group management changes, to view and manage API access, and much more.

2. Privacy

Privacy Shield Framework signifies additional privacy protection for international transfer of data. Users can also view and control the visibility of their accounts on each of the Cloud products. In the works for privacy additionally includes data residency management for secondary data.

3. Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is currently being worked on by Atlassian to comply with its practices and features in relation to handling personal data. There are several other features Atlassian offers to expand coverage to help organizations meet compliance needs.

4. Reliability

There are several programs solidifying reliability within Atlassian’s Cloud, such as user provisioning (Jira, Confluence) and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. User provisioning is currently available for those who subscribe to Atlassian Access.

5. Scale

Scale is currently in the works of expanding, as Atlassian is gearing towards 10,000 users per instance within the Cloud. Cloud was originally set for small teams, but now it is growing for larger companies. Check out Atlassian’s Enterprise Cloud service here.

6. Controls

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is free and available for teams to easily migrate everything needed from server or Data Center into the Cloud. Sandbox instances are being worked on currently as well to allow ability to test applications and new features without interruption.

7. Support

Phone, email and chat support are readily at the hands of teams who may need an instant solution. Premium support is currently available for those applicable on a 24/7 basis with enterprise level assistance. Specifically, the Cloud Migration Center is an excellent service where all sorts of materials are available, from resources and planning guides to data transfer tools.

Atlassian cares about your team’s security and is committed to providing visibility into [its] cloud platform roadmap – and as a Platinum Solutions Partner, E7 Solutions is happy to enforce the safety measurements and protocols Atlassian upholds in its Cloud service and would love to help you make the route to the Cloud stress-free. Click below to learn more about how we can support your Cloud journey.


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