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The business world today is changing quicker and moving faster than ever. Consistent groundbreaking advancements in technology are enabling digital transformation. The pandemic changed how teams work and impacted critical success factors, such as employee/customer satisfaction, time management and productivity levels. The common and undeniable catalyst for change in technology and business is cloud.

Core Values of Cloud

Aside from Cloud taking over the future of digital transformation and its impact on businesses of all industries, there are several significant benefits to your organization in adopting Cloud. In fact, Atlassian found that 95 percent of customers joined Cloud right from the beginning, and 90 percent of customers who chose server first and moved to Cloud recommend the switch. Let's dive into Atlassian's core focuses of Cloud, or as Atlassian refers to them, Cloud Differentiators:

ROI: Sure, taking a look at Cloud on the surface level might look like a real investment - but think about how much your organization is spending for on-premise workspaces. Reducing operational expenses, managing infrastructure, and lowering resource requirements significantly impact total cost of ownership. Additional benefits, such as security, compliance, time and labor re-allocation, are all some ways Cloud can pay off big for your organization.

Innovation: One of the drivers in all leading trends today, Atlassian puts a significant focus on innovative strategy. By moving workloads to the Cloud, Atlassian enables you to focus on innovation and driving new business growth. Cloud is for organizations seeking the latest and greatest when it comes to resources, developments, upgrades and features.

Unlimited storageTime to value: E7 and Atlassian understand your time is valuable. Speeding up the way your team can work and collaborate is a priority because it improves the experience for your organization and your business with clients. Atlassian out-of-the-box Cloud technology and marketplace apps speed the time it takes to move to Cloud. No more long implementations or lengthy integration builds. It's a win/win/win.

Top Business Organizational Benefits of Cloud:

Several factors are to be considered when pursuing a cloud migration. We understand how important it is for your organization to save on costs, keep data protected and improve productivity. Here are some of the major benefits that can help make that decision to move to Cloud easier:

1. Speed of process:

Representing Atlassian’s second top mentioned benefit of Cloud Migrations, improved speed is experienced by many organizations who made the move to Cloud. Speeding up delivery processes not only leaves your customers happier, but it also serves as an opportunity for more work to be done, projects to complete at a quicker rate, and freed up time to consider new projects or scale more time where necessary.

2. Revenue/ROI:

It is no secret the return on investment (ROI) for Atlassian Cloud is game-changing for businesses, but it is important to understand exactly what your on-premise costs, or total cost of ownership (TCO), are to see the full effect of a migration’s benefits. This includes the periodic server repairs and replacements, support, software licensing and renewal, maintenance and more. Once all costs are considered, your return on investment after making the move to Atlassian Cloud can be calculated the same way you would calculate any ROI:

ROI = (Profit/Gain from Investment – Investment) / (Investment)

The good catch about calculating return on investment when it comes to cloud migrations is that, when done correctly and efficiently, the ROI tends to improve over time. First-year costs may stay the same or even increase, but over two to three years the move to Cloud is proven to significantly reduce expenses and improve productivity.

3. Productivity boosts:

According to research conducted by Office 365, migrating to the Cloud improved productivity levels for 80 percent of professionals in the IT department. On the other hand, Gallup reports that low productivity can cost you as much as $7 trillion per year. Specifically, in a time where many organizations globally are working in remote settings, productivity can be much more difficult to track and manage without Atlassian Cloud.

Another consideration worth mentioning is how tied up your IT team can be when your organization is not on cloud-based software. The maintenance on a regular basis topped with the occasional and unexpected incidents can hinder several other important tasks or projects your IT team is responsible for. Atlassian Cloud can make it much simpler. Rather than worrying about the on-premise duties of purchasing hardware and installing software, managing costs, observing performance, and the rest, Atlassian Cloud does all the dirty work. All your organization would need to do is review security and compliance requirements, set up your organization to the features and processes you prefer, manage access and permissions, and review subscription renewals. Simple as that.

Moving to Atlassian Cloud helps more than just your IT team, too. Marketing and HR are also positively affected by the switch from on-premise. Automation plays a significant role in how smoothly multiple aspects of businesses run, when done correctly. Time is saved, tedious tasks are reduced and workflows are better managed.

Profit Improvements and Reduced Costs

Increase profits and lower costsThough the initial cost of a cloud migration might appear to be a lot, your organization may not even realize how much the hidden and unsurfaced costs of on-premise platforms are – not to mention these costs are recurring and unnecessary. In a previous post, we discussed how damaging system downtime can be on your business. Here’s a reminder: in just minutes, the failure of your on-premise work platform can cost three times more than one year of a Cloud subscription.

Sure, it can be easy when looking at the upfront expenses to be weary about joining Cloud – until you have the facts in front of you. We, along with Atlassian, encourage you to look at the long-term benefits. When taking into consideration the total cost of ownership to total savings in Cloud, the amount saved from uncontrollable incidents and more, Atlassian Cloud will save your organization more than you even realize is being wasted. Even a company as major as Facebook lost around $90 million due to a 14-hour outage back in 2019. Atlassian’s guaranteed 99.95 percent uptime and effective resources can resolve incidents at a fast-pace and no cost.

On top of this, Atlassian is currently offering loyalty discounts for annual Cloud subscriptions! Check out our FAQs on Atlassian Cloud Loyalty!

Automatic Updates with Zero Disruption

The amount of resources – time, money, and productivity – taken and summed up to maintain, plan around and adjust is likely more than your organization realizes. According to a survey Atlassian highlighted in an article, 44 percent of IT’s time is taken to complete routine work. That same survey found results of over 50 percent of CIOs admitting their concerns of completing all the work needed for the business to complete and sustain a competitive advantage. As aggressive as industries are advancing today, it’s crucial for your team to have what it needs to get to the top and stay there.

Top Three Reasons to Choose Atlassian Cloud:

Now is better than ever to reach out to E7 and join Atlassian Cloud. From having that competitive advantage to reducing costs, the strengths of Atlassian Cloud are only continuing to add up. According to a Gartner study, the percentage of enterprises who shift to the Cloud in the next four years is 80 percent. Think your organization is fit for Atlassian Cloud Enterprise? Read our blog containing all the benefits on Enterprise here to help make that determination. Once you're there, take a look at some major reasons to join Enterprise today.

Trends in remote work since the pandemic have also caught wave, and Cloud has played a major role in the success and increased productivity levels of working from home. Let’s get deeper into three of the major reasons why Atlassian Cloud is the way to go for businesses today.

1. Security and access:

We know how critical it is to keep your organization’s data and information stored and secured, and so does Atlassian. From analyzing users, environments and controls, Atlassian’s cloud security practices consist of several protective layers. Data encryption, key management, tenant separation, and holding equal responsibility for managing customer data are a few of Atlassian’s core security values.

2. Privacy and compliance:

Privacy consists of several principles under Atlassian; it’s not an aspect of Cloud that is overlooked or not taken to the fullest extent to be protected. Some of Atlassian’s primary principles that live through security efforts are: being privacy-positive, transparent, and control with confidence.

3. Reliability and scale:

Similar to privacy, Atlassian does not take the easy route. Instead, reliability practices are just as concrete. The three pillars under reliability are platform performance, safeguards for product and data, and quality controls – and these are all continuously being improved by Atlassian. For instance, to speed up the transfer of customer data, Atlassian grew the number of cloud infrastructures being hosted in six distinct geographical regions.

Top Organizational Perks

Jira Software Cloud PremiumStronger collaboration: Working together across the organization despite being on different teams has never been easier with Atlassian Cloud. Slack, Dropbox, Zoom and more are all included in the Cloud.

Visibility: Transparency is a key player in ensuring productivity levels are flowing strong and work progress is shown up front. One of Atlassian's major features, Advanced Cloud Roadmaps, can support productivity and time optimization by mapping out projects and increasing visibility among multiple teams involved.

Tracking: In addition to stronger collaboration and visibility, tracking is another aspect of cloud-based environments that is necessary to ensure organizations are secured and protected. User activity logs demonstrate who is viewing content to make sure information is staying in the right hands.

There are several more benefits to Atlassian Cloud! Check out our recent webinar on why Atlassian Cloud Enterprise might be the best choice to advance your organization.

Benefits of a Partner

It’s no secret that the possibilities of Atlassian Cloud are endless for businesses. Today, teams with cloud-based workspaces can log in at the office, at home, in a coffee shop or even on mobile. The convenience of access a simple internet connection can provide allows work to get done anywhere and anytime, and the tools and processes Atlassian has built can unleash a potential in teams that they didn’t realize they had. With the vast assortment of cloud resources available for organizations, it’s important that your organization takes full advantage of what Atlassian has to offer. This is where your Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, E7 Solutions, steps in.

Back-to-Back Atlassian Cloud Partner of the Year

One concern you might have as an organization is rationalizing reasoning for joining the cloud. The nice thing about working with an Atlassian Partner is gaining that insight into what Atlassian Cloud can truly do to improve current processes or create new ones. As a Platinum Solutions Partner and back-to-Back Partner of the Year: Cloud Services, E7 Solutions can show you all of the ins and outs of the Atlassian suite.

“This award demonstrates the excellence that E7 Solutions delivers in cloud services.”

- Joe Tong, US Channel Team Lead at Atlassian

Our practice and expertise can be applied to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our mission is to provide your organization with a digital transformation that impacts your team’s processes tenfold.

How Our Core Values Represent What Matters

Over the years, we have evolved the goals we seek, the expertise we obtain, and the values we hold to our team and services. However, one thing that has not changed is how we treat our clients. In fact, we recently refactored our core values that represent what makes our team stand out and how we want our clients to see us. We are driven and creative, but we like to explore and take risks. We are authentic and honest, and we have a "no-team-left-behind" mindset. Read more about our more focused, transparent values.

“Playing as a team, putting the client first, and helping clients to build their vision. This is where E7 excels.”

- Chris Miller, Channel Manager - Central US at Atlassian

In supporting hundreds of clients within tens of industries to achieve their goals with Atlassian tools and cloud migrations, we have a developed understanding that cloud migrations can be a lot for teams. From the conversation deciding if it's the right move to managing and understanding the transition moving forward, there is much to discuss. That doesn't even cover the time and guidance it takes to adapt your team to the change and the customization process to the migration that will best benefit your team. 


Our Migration with Rockwell Automation

The impact Atlassian Cloud has on improving your business is bigger than one might think. Take Rockwell Automation, for example. A company with over a century of business behind it found its large collection of tools were no longer supporting high productivity, time management and collaboration efforts. Instead, they were now hindering the organization. There was a lot of work to be done, all while business was staying in motion. To truly understand what Rockwell needed to accomplish, the company needed a partner that could fully invest themselves in Rockwell's success. With E7's experience in Atlassian Cloud and proven practices, supportive guidance, and collaborative communication to ensure Rockwell's transition was seamless, without interruption and understood and adapted by its team.

Moving to Cloud is more than agreeing to migrate. The way cloud-based spaces simplify several aspects of your organization may lead to believing the process is simple, but it is much more than a migration alone. In order for the migration to be successful, seamless and stress-free, your organization needs a team with expertise, guidance, and support. One that doesn’t take chances. One that doesn’t take shortcuts. We have proven, transparent processes that will leave you with all questions answered.

Benefit Your Business with Cloud

Feeling like a Cloud expert? Let's become a power duo and enhance the velocity of your team together. Below you can find even more content on Atlassian Cloud from yours truly, or you can jump right in and contact us so we can get you started on your Cloud journey. Thanks for reading!

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