Amp Up Your ITSM with E7 and Atlassian


In 2020, we learned to adapt to change and new experiences. Now, teams have the opportunity to amp it up. This is a time where teams can reflect on what processes, tools, and strategies best fulfill the needs of themselves and their customers and focus on accelerating business goals. A chance has come for teams across the organization to collaborate at high velocity and modernize traditional processes. Reach your team's full ITSM potential and on with E7 and Atlassian!

ITSM, but Make it Modern

As we have previously discussed, the traditional way IT teams are viewed from a business perspective is a core yet separated focus from the front-end teams, such as HR, service or delivery. However, IT service management serves as a backbone for support of all teams. We agree with Atlassian that the best approach in reaching and achieving business goals is to encourage a collaboration among every section of the organization. The purpose for ITSM strategies to exist within an organization has remained the same, but upgrading traditional processes to a more modernized approach can further fulfill that purpose.

3 Key Motives for Improvement

jsmFast value delivery

The stronger the line of communication is from Legal to IT to HR and more, the faster and more satisfying your service is throughout your organization. Jira Service Management has customizable features and benefits for each team to take full advantage of Atlassian’s modernized ITSM solution and approach.


itsm visualVisualize work flow

Bring the behind-the-scenes work to the front of the stage by incorporating a stronger use of Jira to further increase service and support for your organization. When teams across the board collect and update their work in one space, IT teams have a better view and can work smarter and quicker in acting on minor tasks, such as service requests, or major tasks, like an incident.


atlassianitsmTeam up Dev and Ops

Managing and working through risks can be overwhelming and increase the chance of errors to be made, unless your team is prepared. Eliminate those chances and accelerate faster development tactics, tracking all changes with recorded audits for future reference.

Throughout the course of 2020, teams have learned how to adapt to new environments and ways of working. The realization of technology's importance and our dependence on it was brought to the surface. Ultimately, it's important now more than ever for empowering teams across the organization to collaborate at high velocity. In 2021, your team can maximize the opportunities IT service management holds to the full effect - and we can help! Click below to sign up for our LIVE ITSM webinar on Incident Management, occurring on January 21st at 2 PM EST.

Live Webinar:  An ITSM Discussion on Incident Management