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Automating Workflows and Creating Enhanced Visibility For Information Security Risk and Compliance (ISRC)



Reduce customer escalations, move away from email and spreadsheets into a centralized tool, and implement streamlined, automated workflows to increase efficiency.



Agents were having a hard time keeping track of their work, missing requests, not responding promptly, and having no clear picture of what was on their plate.


Create a centralized tool with automated workflows, enhanced reporting and visibility, and the ability to track and respond to customer requests with increased speed.


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Jira Service Management

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One of the world’s largest and fastest-growing Social Good Technology companies faced challenges in managing IT service operations efficiently due to the recent acquisitions of multiple organizations. These acquisitions came with multiple Jira Service Management (JSM) instances as well as varying processes, workflows and methods of supporting customers. Recognizing the need for a unified service management approach, the decision was made to consolidate these instances into a single, centralized Atlassian Jira Service Management platform. Learn more about this client’s JSM consolidation project here.

Evaluating Information Security Risk and Compliance Operations

The Information Security Risk and Compliance (ISRC) department at this client was tasked with improving its internal workload management and response processes. The ISRC department plays a critical role in the organization's efforts to protect its information assets, maintain regulatory compliance, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Responsiveness and accuracy are of the utmost importance.

When the ISRC team witnessed the success and improvements made by the Corporate IT department, ISRC was eager to be a part of the platform and start addressing its pain points.

The ISRC team had been struggling to manage customer requests due to the lack of a formal ticketing system. They relied heavily on email and spreadsheets, without a centralized platform to track their open tasks. This resulted in delays in providing support and frequent customer escalations. Furthermore, customers had no visibility into the status of their requests or where they were in the process.

E7's preparedness for our project kickoff and the initial discovery sessions really enabled all involved to hit the ground running, and the collaborative working sessions were always productive allowing our teams to remain efficient throughout the engagement.

Director of Compliance

Transforming Information Security Risk and Compliance Operations

In search of a resolution, the ISRC team collaborated with E7 Solutions, seeking relief from their operational challenges. Through meticulous analysis and strategic recommendations, E7 facilitated the ISRC team's integration into the consolidated Jira Service Management instance, harmonizing their workflows, enhancing reporting mechanisms, and ushering in a new era of visibility.

Now, armed with automated workflows and a centralized tool, the ISRC team stands poised to navigate their tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The once-disjointed processes have been transformed into a cohesive system, empowering the ISRC department to track, manage, and respond to customer requests seamlessly.

The company now stands united under a singular service management umbrella, showcasing not just a resolution to challenges but a testament to adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. With the consolidation of Jira Service Management, the company is now primed to chart a course toward sustained success, armed with streamlined operations and an unwavering dedication to service excellence.

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