7 Tips to Find the ITSM Tools You Need Today


There’s no “I” in teams, especially when it comes to implementing and maintaining a strong ITSM approach within your organization. We stand behind Atlassian’s perception that a successful ITSM structure and strategy holds teams at the heart of it. Once strong teamwork is established, we can then align it with collaborative, efficient, and modernized ITSM tools.

Don’t believe modern ITSM tools have such an empowering impact? According to Atlassian’s Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact, over $800,000 has been saved by companies around the world that have updated to Atlassian’s current ITSM solutions. It pays off to keep up with today’s consumer trends, where quick end-to-end services are demanded at a seemingly all-time high. Allow us to walk you through how we do ITSM in a way that accelerates your team’s fullest potential. Here’s a 7-step checklist you can apply to your organization to find where you stand and how we can move your team forward.

  1. Identify your team’s current ITSM approach
  2. List the tools and methodologies you use and follow today
  3. Discover what services are most significant to your organization
  4. Prepare for the likelihood of some necessary changes
  5. Understand that an agile walk into the water is better than diving in
  6. Increase communication standards and invite collaboration
  7. Call E7 😉

Three of the top players Atlassian has on the roster to enhance both your IT and other business teams in your organization are Jira Service Management (JSM), Jira Software, and the Atlassian Team Playbook. Here's a quick breakdown of each of them:

Jira Service Management (JSM): Using this tool will accelerate how fast-paced your IT teams can get things done. From swiftly and easily obtaining requests for bug fixes and new technology to observing a clear, visual task board, your IT team can identify issues quickly and conveniently view progress and drawbacks of current work.

Jira Software: This tool provides a place for IT and software teams to display work-in-progress for projects that is detailed and updated, making it easier for business teams to convey a synopsis of work progress to stakeholders.


Atlassian Team Playbook: Best practices and agile processes that can emphasize the significance of your IT teams can be found here. Embracing the value your IT teams have to the organization can further accelerate collaboration among other teams and modernize ITSM strategies in your organization.


We don’t boost and enforce strong collaboration of teams while expecting you to apply ITSM on your own. With this self-reflection, your team can first understand what tools are currently being used, figure out what’s working and what’s not, and adjust as needed so your team can reach its full potential. One key reminder about ITSM tools is there is no “one size fits all” set of tools that will work successfully for all organizations. In understanding what processes and tactics your team uses to collaborate across the board, we can better help you apply the ITSM tools that will amplify your team.

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