Advancing Remote Work with Atlassian Cloud


Remote work settings continue to represent the environment of organizations around the world. In fact, based on a survey Atlassian mentioned that was conducted prior to the wave of effects caused by the pandemic, 26 percent of office workers quit due to workplaces’ lack of support in remote working and 66 percent feel that on-premise workplaces will no longer exist by 2030. Furthermore, 95 percent of office workers who participated in the same set of surveys would prefer to work in a remote setting.

Preparing your teams and finding the right tools and resources to support a remote work environment may initially appear challenging - until now. Atlassian Cloud’s transformative features and capabilities can equip your team to run smoothly and efficiently with a distributed workforce.

Atlassian built the resources to make remote work easy for companies before they had to transition with the easy accessibility, high-grade security and strong velocity of functionality and productivity levels instilled in Atlassian Cloud. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and Cloud Partner of the Year 2019, we stand behind the products, tools and tips Atlassian offers that will support your organization’s remote needs, modernize your processes, enhance the velocity of your teams and accelerate your business.


Say for instance your team is currently working remote. Due to having to quickly adapt to leaving the organization’s premises to a remote setting, team members have found it difficult to access or use the wide variety of tools and resources typically at hand in the office. With Atlassian Cloud software, any device or web browser with an internet connection can provide all the applications needed for your teams to get their work done. Not only does improved connectivity keep productivity moving, but it increases rates of engagement and allows for stronger collaboration capabilities.


IllustrationWe have previously discussed several topics related to security, such as busting the myth on its high risk when applying Cloud as well as the top 7 values of Atlassian Cloud Security, E7 understands the high-level priority security has for teams of all industries now more than ever with remote workstyles. Here’s where Atlassian Access steps in. With an enterprise-grade level of enhanced security, applying this feature in Atlassian Cloud helps build and maintain a strong stamina for your business’s safety. From SAML single sign-on (SSO) and organization audit logs to user lifecycle management and security integrations (CASB), Atlassian Access checks every box in terms of verifications, security monitoring, visibility, and more.


Atlassian Cloud has made it easier than ever to enhance and sustain communication strength among teams. Data, material, files, and more are all stored in Cloud rather than being limited to on-premise bases. With that being said, team members with access to Atlassian Cloud applications can view tasks or projects as well as share information all in one space and at any time or location, improving team effectiveness and collaborative work.

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