How to Manage Your Atlassian Licenses


Do you find your team with access to a variety of tools and programs but only a small fraction of them are used on a regular basis? Are you finding that your subscription payment dates are all across the map? If you're running into these issues and more with licensing, you've come to the right place.

Click on the video above to hear how Ana Galofre and Michael Abdelnour discuss our Atlassian license management strategies that can help guide you through the fast-paced world driven by technology. Or skim through the transcription below.

Video Transcription

Michael: 00:01

Yeah, Ana, how are you?

Ana: 00:04

I'm doing well. How are you?

Michael: 00:05

I'm good. I'm good.

Ana: 00:07

I have a couple challenges. I wanted to talk to you about licensing. Do you have a minute?



Ana: 00:12

Awesome. Okay. So here's my challenge. We have some clients on Atlassian Jira server, and they have your software, but they also have a bunch of ad-ons and they bought them at completely different times. And so all the expiration dates are completely different. In addition to that, they have a 2000 user license. They don't know who's active, who've using it, that type of thing, a little bit difficult to extract that kind of data for them. So I'd like to present them some options of managing that a little bit more cleanly and easily. And I'm wondering what we can offer.

Michael: 01:00

Yeah. As a solutions partner of Atlassian, we can do license management kind of as a service. And so a lot of the things you just described are stuff that we try to make, our process is to try to make this as friction free as possible for the customers. And so all of those different renewal dates, it's kind of a pain in the butt, especially if you're at a large enough organization where you have purchasing people involved and there's many different invoices to approve and process. Just that amount of work associated with renewing a handful of different licenses, we try to make that as friction-free as possible. So we can consolidate all of that stuff. I mean, everything within your Atlassian stack, we can consolidate to a singular date with [inaudible 00:01:52]. We can consolidate to an easier process for some of the folks who have purchasing, right. We can do payment on terms. We can do pay against the purchase order.

Ana: 02:03

So instead of paying charges on their credit card every month FOR different pieces of the pie, when you say the whole stack, you mean like software, service desk, bit bucket-

Michael: 02:18

You got it.

Ana: 02:19

... marketplace, add-ons everything.

Michael: 02:21

Confluence, marketplace add-ons, server, data center, cloud, you name it.

Ana: 02:26

Wow. Okay.

Michael: 02:27

Yeah. So it's a full suite of services that we provide just from a license management perspective. And like I said, the whole idea is to make it as easy as possible for the customers. Some of the benefits that you would get with E7 is you get all the things that I just said, payment on terms, PO, but you also get consultative services from us. So when you talk about user management, how many people are actively using these tools? We try to do some proactive reporting for you. As renewal time comes up, we can present some data that says, "Hey, of your 2000 users, 1500 of them, or it looks like you're at the cap and we might need to go above," and we can give you reports that say, "This many people have used it, maybe showing idle over the last 90 or 120 days. These folks aren't using it." So there's efficiencies to be gained, not just in the purchasing perspective, but also from the license management perspective.

Ana: 03:28

Okay. That's helpful. I think because a lot of my clients are growing really quickly and they could be coming up against that cap and not even realize it. And if they have to go through purchasing and that takes a month or two to get everything, we need to stay on top of it.

Michael: 03:43

Exactly. So we're trying to be as proactive as possible. Like I said, as less than friction free as we can do it.

Ana: 03:49

Okay. Great. Well that sounds very helpful. I will let them give you a ring.

Michael: 03:56

Absolutely. Looking forward to it.

Ana: 03:58

Awesome. Thanks Mike.

Michael: 03:59

Thanks Ana. Take care.

Ana: 04:00

Talk to you later.

Michael: 04:00



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