Safety First

User and permission security are critical aspects of any digital environment, especially when it comes to collaboration and project management tools like Atlassian. Several risks exist without instilling a secure cloud environment for your team's workspace. We're here to help you avoid them.

  • Lack of security
    • Without proper user authentication, anyone can access the data and resources of the project, leading to data breaches, loss of confidential information, and so on.
  • Lack of control
    • Without setting up permissions, anyone can modify or delete the project's data, which can lead to inconsistencies, errors, or data loss.
  • Lack of accountability
    • Without proper tracking and reporting, it may be difficult to identify who made what changes, who accessed what data, and who is responsible for the project's success or failure.
  • Lack of organization and governance
    • Without proper user roles and permissions, managing the project's resources, assigning tasks, and prioritizing effectively can be challenging.

Did you Know...

E7 Solutions now offers Insight Services that can help your team maintain best practices and standards for ITSM.

Make sure your cloud environment is protected. Check out our User and Permission Insight, along with three other Insights, below!

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Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

Senior Solutions Engineer

Along with being a Senior Solution Architect at E7 Solutions, Mike Hogan is a proud father of two young children and an avid learner. Leveraging 12 years of deep experience in the process improvement and SaaS realm while working with the Atlassian and Oracle ecosystems, Mike excels in connecting with customers by realizing solutions to their pain and scoping out the technical requirements to achieve their goals.

When he is not engaged with work and family, you can see him pursuing new hobbies like curling and djing!


Nora Gojcevic

Presales Engineer

With 8 years of experience in tech to back up her expertise, Nora Gojcevic supports E7 Solutions as a solutions engineer. Her passion is to engage with our clients and help them learn how to make the most of their Atlassian tools.

Outside of her role, Nora enjoys spending her free time painting and being outdoors.