Enabling our clients to deliver the best and most meaningful work is our mission. Our proven Atlassian cloud migration methodologies and ITSM transformational services do just that. Together we will strengthen team synergies, put the right technologies to work, and create alignment to achieve your organizational objectives.


Create seamless connections and manage work across silos

Digital processes reduce workload, increase accuracy, improve visibility, and ensure the velocity of information is at its most optimal. Automations and the alignment of workflows ensure information is delivered efficiently and effectively.


Evolve and integrate technology to innovate and increase agility

Establishing and integrating the right technology into all areas of your business results in fundamental changes. Understand how technology contributes to the transformational opportunities and learn how to adapt it to the specific needs of the business.

Teams + Culture

Alignment of leadership, teams, and culture

It’s not just about Process and Technology. It’s critical to understand the organization’s culture, agility, leadership, strengths, and work style. Together we get clear on the teams and digital culture necessary to successfully realize initiatives of all sizes.

Migration to the Atlassian Cloud

Leveraging Atlassian’s Cloud can increase revenue and profit while enabling your organization for growth. The journey to the cloud requires a guide. E7 brings a thorough, accurate, and reliable migration plan as well as the expertise and tools to get it done.

Time to Value

Atlassian Cloud allows for your teams to be move fast. Adoption means you can start and scale new instances in minutes, not weeks. Features become available immediately and connecting/automating cross-team workflows has never been faster.

Maximize Your ROI

Once in Atlassian’s Cloud, your return on investment can begin immediately. The elimination of private hosting means server costs are gone and time will no longer be spent applying patches and upgrades. Downtime becomes a thing of the past and resources are freed up to focus on strategic initiatives.


Atlassian’s Cloud enables you focus on your core business and turn your focus to your customers. It allows you to test, learn, and experiment with bold new ideas. You’ll be able to ship new products ahead of customer trends and scale innovative ideas faster in new markets.

We're Atlassian Experts.

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We're ready to guide you and your team in delivering greater value to the company for a fraction of what your obstacles are costing you today.

Let's discover together what it will take

We've Helped Hundreds of Leaders Just Like You. It's why our performance earned us more than one of Atlassian's Partner of the Year Awards.

“The E7 team did a great job for us. They were professional, competent and very dedicated to our success. I really appreciate the sense of partnership we had with them. The end result exceeded expectations.”

Jim T.
Program Manager, Architecture & Software

“Playing as a team, putting the client first, and helping clients to build their vision. This is where E7 excels.”

Chris Miller
Channel Manager at Atlassian

“The E7 implementation team worked extensively to do an exhaustive “precheck” of our system to ensure our migration would be successful, as well as several test migrations to confirm any necessary configuration changes. And after so much hard work, the actual migration was seamless! One day we were using our “hosted” Jira instance, and two days later we were using the cloud instance.”

Rob Rich
Solutions Architect, Rockwell Automation

“E7 has proven to be a great partner choice in our initiative to move Jira and Confluence from server to cloud. We engaged E7 from the beginning, when we were exploring the move, and have continued to work hand-in-hand as we go-live.”

Brian Barr
Director of Business Systems, STARZ

Because nobody does Atlassian better.

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Let's Solve Your 3 Most Pressing Issues.

Cloud Strategy

Together we create a viable, realistic strategy for moving (or completing your move) to Atlassian's Cloud. One that fits your resources and your timing. As Atlassian's foremost expert partner, you'll be in the best of hands.

Leveraging Atlassian

There's nothing more frustrating than having tools and not maximizing their value. From knowing how to use them well, to having the tools talk to each other and to mission-critical apps. We guide your team and get them up to speed on Atlassian tools and the Agile methodology so you're not wasting a drop of money or productivity.

We go even further, integrating your Atlassian tools with your most important systems so everybody's sharing data and they're all on the same page. No more surprises or lost information. Along the way, your business processes get refined and Atlassian tools are tweaked to match them. That's a huge win-win.

License Management

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we simplify buying and managing new software licenses and renewals for your Atlassian products so you can focus on delivering your projects.

Take advantage of our license management to maximize your investment and ensure all your Atlassian tools are properly upgraded and updated.