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Unlocking Healthcare Efficiency Healthcare Client projects $310k ROI over 3-years post Atlassian Cloud Migration.

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Migrate to Atlassian Cloud to establish seamless, real-time access to Atlassian updates across Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management.


Eliminate expensive hosted managed services and securely migrate HIPPA data while minimizing company operations.


Utilize E7’s expertise to migrate to Atlassian’s Cloud and achieve a $310k ROI over the next 3 years.



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In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where every second counts and patient well-being is paramount, efficiency and effectiveness are not just desired—they're essential. Yet, for many healthcare professionals, the reality is often a juggling act of managing patient records, appointments, and communication, all while striving to provide the highest standard of care.

What are the benefits of migrating to Atlassian Cloud?

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud offers benefits like increased scalability, automatic updates, enhanced security, and simplified maintenance.Cloud migration streamlines collaboration, boosts productivity, and ensures seamless access to Atlassian's latest features and tools.

Time for Change: Cloud in Healthcare

Atlassian Cloud technology has undergone significant advancements to adhere to the stringent standards of HIPAA compliance, rendering it a suitable choice for healthcare institutions aiming to enhance operational efficiency. By incorporating secure data storage and robust encryption measures, healthcare providers can seamlessly transition their operations to the cloud while upholding patient privacy and data security. This transition towards HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions is reshaping the landscape of data management and patient care delivery within the healthcare sector, ushering in unprecedented levels of productivity and creativity.

The Cloud Solution: A Path to Transformation

Recognizing the need to accelerate organizational processes and enable their team to provide top-notch care, our client, an online health practice, made a strategic decision to adopt Atlassian Cloud. The aim was not only to decrease their overhead costs, but to unleash fresh opportunities and capabilities within the company. Their vision went beyond the boundaries of the product team; they aimed to broaden the utilization of tools like Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence to encompass crucial departments such as the legal team. The overarching objective was to boost collaboration and streamline operations company-wide.

By integrating Atlassian Cloud into various departments, our client aimed to foster seamless communication, enhance project management efficiency, and promote cross-functional collaboration. This move towards digital transformation not only aimed at improving internal processes but also at delivering enhanced services and care to their customers. The adoption of Atlassian Cloud represented a significant step towards achieving operational excellence and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Streamlining Operations with Cloud-Based Platforms

At the heart of this transformative journey was the decision to migrate from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud, including Jira Service Management (JSM) as the internal helpdesk solution. This move not only streamlined internal processes but also paved the way for integrating a multitude of new teams into JSM as part of the migration strategy. With a comprehensive plan in place, our client's practice embarked on a path toward modernization, innovation, and ultimately, success.

When asked why they chose E7? “The fact that E7 was able to be flexible and build in the things that were meaningful to us was very important.

Manager, Product Quality Management

I just felt that E7 was a lot more on top of things. They did much better with communication. Everything was very transparent and incredibly responsive. I felt that E7 understood us and we were able to work really well together to accelerate things because of that.

Sr. Director of Product Operations

Benefits of the Migration

The benefits of migrating from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud were abundant and far-reaching. Our client is projected to realize a 3-year ROI of $310k, thanks to the significant cost savings from eliminating data center hosting and infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, they will experience enhanced scalability and performance with the Cloud's automatic scaling and global data center distribution. This migration also ensures robust security with built-in encryption and compliance features, reducing the burden of meeting industry standards. The shift to Atlassian Cloud brings automatic updates, access to the latest features, and improved disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss. Furthermore, the Cloud platform offers seamless integration with other tools, enhancing collaboration and productivity for remote and distributed teams. Overall, the move to Atlassian Cloud not only provides financial benefits but also streamlines operations, improves security, and fosters better team collaboration. 

Digital Transformation with Cloud Technology

The decision to transition to cloud technology was motivated not only by the need to address current obstacles but also by the desire to transform our client's business and set it up for sustained success. Embracing cloud solutions provided them with the flexibility and capacity required to respond effectively to the continuously changing landscape of the healthcare sector. Moving to the cloud allowed them not only to streamline their current operations but also to foster a culture of innovation, opening up new possibilities for expansion and development.

Leveraging cloud technology enabled our client to enhance data security measures, as cloud service providers often implement robust cybersecurity protocols and regular updates to safeguard sensitive information. The scalability of cloud infrastructure also allowed our client to easily adjust resources based on fluctuating demands, optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Expanding Collaboration and Connectivity

One of the key advantages of migrating to the cloud was the ability to unlock new levels of collaboration and connectivity across various departments within the organization. With a comprehensive plan tailored to their needs, our client was able to seamlessly integrate new teams into their new Cloud-based instance of Jira Service Management, including the legal team—an endeavor that would have been daunting without the expertise and support of their trusted partner.

Marketplace Apps and Integrations in Atlassian Cloud

Our client, faced with a significant number of Marketplace Apps requiring Cloud functionality or replacement, embarked on a project involving intricate integrations. One of their primary objectives was to connect Jira Service Management, which served as their internal service desk, and with Zendesk for their external customer support. In addition, they set out to integrate real-time data sourced from Jira Cloud into Tableau for advanced data visualization and analytics purposes.

The integration of Jira Service Management with Zendesk aimed to streamline customer support processes by ensuring a seamless flow of information between the internal service desk and the external customer support platform. This integration not only enhanced operational efficiency but also improved the overall customer experience by providing timely and accurate responses to queries and issues.

On the other hand, the integration of real-time data from Jira Cloud into Tableau allowed our client to leverage powerful data visualization tools for in-depth analysis and reporting. By visualizing key metrics and trends derived from Jira Cloud data in Tableau, our client gained valuable insights into their operations, performance, and areas for improvement.

Overall, these integrations not only addressed our client's immediate needs for Cloud functionality but also provided them with robust solutions to enhance their service management and data analytics capabilities.

Embracing a Brighter Future with Cloud Technology

In conclusion, our client's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing cloud technology in healthcare. By leveraging the cloud and partnering with trusted experts like E7 Solutions, healthcare professionals can unlock new possibilities, drive efficiency, and deliver better care to those who need it most. In an ever-changing world, the cloud offers not just a solution to immediate challenges, but a pathway to a brighter future for healthcare organizations around the globe.

About E7

E7 is a Michigan-based Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that guides growth-minded companies through digital transformation. We are focused on improving collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. As transformation enablers, E7 is highly specialized in all aspects of service management and platform migrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any potential challenges or roadblocks that healthcare organizations may face when migrating to the Cloud?

Yes, there are several potential challenges that healthcare organizations may encounter when migrating to the Cloud. Some of these challenges include data security concerns, compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, integration with existing systems, and ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. However, with careful planning, robust security measures, and effective communication with all stakeholders, these challenges can be overcome to unlock the full potential of healthcare efficiency through Atlassian Cloud migration.


What are the cost implications for healthcare organizations when transitioning from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud?

While there may not be a reduction in costs from a license perspective, however the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is significantly reduced with Cloud implementations. Hardware, physical server maintenance, and software updating costs are all eliminated. In addition, we have seen a reduction in the need for ‘some’ marketplace apps, as the functionality in Atlassian Cloud out-of-the-box includes more features.

The cost implications for healthcare organizations transitioning from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization's IT infrastructure. Some potential cost factors to consider include subscription fees for the Atlassian Cloud services, any additional training or support needed for staff members to adapt to the new platform, and potential costs associated with data migration and integration. It's important for healthcare organizations to carefully assess these cost implications and weigh them against the potential efficiency and scalability benefits of migrating to the Atlassian Cloud. By doing so, organizations can make informed decisions that align with their strategic goals and objectives. In every cloud migration we have participated in we have seen significant ROI, see the story of a client of ours that realized an ROI of 754% for example.

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